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  1. Alright everyone I have a few different seeds from a few seed banks, I have 5 short ryder fems autoflower(never grown) I have 6 fem thc bombs, 3 fem g13(never grown), and 10 strawberry cough (never grown). I just want everyone who has grown or experienced these plants before to hopefully provide a little insight to how they how how they taste ect.

    Thanks everyone
  2. Low Rider is obviously an autoflower should finish in 2 1/2 months or so. Stoney high.

    G13 is indica dominant (70-30) i think. Generally very smelly and has high medicinal value. Strong and long lasting effects...heavy body buzz that will give you the munchies and then knock you out. I don't know much about growing it though.

    Strawberry Cough is sativa dominant with modest thc levels that produces a nice head high. It is an easy to grow plant and flowers for 9-10 weeks but is an indoor recommended strain. Decent yielding plant. Usually liked for 2 reasons: smell & taste.
  3. Thanks for the info! I definitely wanna try G13 and strawberry cough I just don't know how much I can put on a 400watt MH set up

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  4. I'd do 2 with that. i have a thc bomb going now it's a hardy plant. All three of my bomb seeds hermied btw, careful with those. Atomic, bubble bomb and thc bomb.
  5. You can could fit 4 comfortably
  6. I'll have to do the 4 then, which combination of seeds do you think would work best together?

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  7. It might be a little easier if you did all 4 of the same strain but it really doesn't really matter. Pick whichever ones you want!

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