help! what is wrong! i'm scared :/ lol

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    There is somethin seriously going on with my plant. its 4 weeks into flowering, and i would hate for it to die now. Check the attached pic.

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  2. That plant is not in veg, did you mean flower?

    Looks like nutrient burn to me, when was the last time you fed and with what?
  3. I did mean flowering. No nutes for about 6 days. Somebody was telling me it was because of the p.h maybe? No idea really. It has been slowly getting worse and worse.

  4. What nutes are you using, and at what strength? Do you know what you PH is? How are you testing you PH?
  5. I was using B.C products and about 2/5 recommended strength. A friend of mine supposedly checks the p.h. with a tube and a pill. He checks the p.h. of the water and says it stays around 6-7. Could it possibly be from the water having too high or low of a p.h. at one time? I was reading about Nute lock, when i guess the nutrition lock up and become toxic to the plant. I don't totally understand it.
  6. anybody? myaa
  7. one more bump help a noob out!
  8. That looks like a hard core calcium deficiency, how long has this been going on? The other possibility is fungus, but it really looks like calcium to me.

    We'd need some more info to really help man, runoff ph for one thing, if it's below 6.4 then you may have lockout. What kind of water are you using, distilled/RO, tap? Soil info?

    The more info the better, good luck!
  9. its been goin on for about a week and a half.. slowly gettin worse and worse. it first started with a few purple-ish spots. i recently found out the p.h. meter thing my room mate uses is pretty cheap. its just a ph pill and a capsule. 10 ml of the water mixed with the pill in the capsule will change the water a certain color, and he then refers to a color chart. before all the problems started i was just using distilled water. after i let my buddy try to mess with the p.h. all these problems started to occur.
  10. Well, now i just found out my buddy really had no idea what he was doing. Kinda makes me angry. Before he started messing with it was great, but he claimed to have known what he was doing. He put a crap ton of p.h. down in the water one day. ANYWAYS, I am sure its nute lock out. Any ideas of what I should do? Save-able?
  11. Those water mix PH test kits are are really bad thing to use. They may be fine if all you're wanting to do is flush with PH corrected water, but because nutrients change the color of the water, they're useless for normal feeding.

    Digital PH meters are a good investment. Make sure you buy a waterproof one!

    Edit: I think Ed is 100% correct. I did not see those spots at first glance, good eye there Ed.
  12. Alright. Thanks for the help so far everybody. I seriously have zero cash to buy anything right now. My plan was to just water with distilled water for a weak and see if it helps any. Any ideas about the calcium part?
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    In addition to low ph, distilled/ro water has no hardness (calcium & magnesium), you really should supplement with calmag or epsom salt. About 3-5 ml/gal of calmag or 1/4 tsp epsom/gal is good. If you have a TDS you want to supplement < 20 ppm water to 120-150ppm of whatever calcium/magnesium supplement. This will help prevent this in the future. ph comes first though!

    You need to flush the hell out of your soil and get the ph down out of there. Let the soil dry (a few days) then start feeding. I'd double up on the calmag for the first feeding. This issue will continue for some time even after you start supplementing, it's a very frustrating def and causes a lot of leaf loss. It takes a long time to recover, the new growth will be OK but the affected leaves will never repair and will deteriorate. Keep an eye on the new growth - it should be pretty.

    Can't stress enough the importance of a decent meter, without it you're flying blind. Good luck!

    Edit: Flush = 2 gals distilled + epsom per gallon of container

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