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  1. I need help with what could be causing this. I'm using coco coir, filtered water, and light feeding with advanced nutrients mother earth grow about once a week. Water every 2-3 days ph of water around 6. No idea about run off ph. Room temp 88 w/ lights 82 w/ lights off

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  2. Throw that piece of arse away. Start new and don't use AN till you have a good root system foundation.

    You just killed it with nutes.

    Were u putting in full dosage?
  3. Heat..over 80, bad ph, not enough nutes, and over fert = usual problem
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    No, dose is 1.75ml-3ml per liter. I used 1.75 in 1.5 liters of water
  5. The heat is your number 1 issue. 75.6 degrees is ideal... and you're nowhere near that. Nutritionally it looks more like a cation issue to me, but it should in that heat. There's a lot going wrong here. You need to do a hell of a lot more homework as it's all user error and could have been avoided if you knew what temperature to keep the grow room at as well as the cation requirements of a media like coco.

    If all you are using is Mother Earth then you definitely have, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron deficiencies. Probably Potassium as well but that's from the heat as much as anything else.

    Back to the drawing board.

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