Help ! what is this ???

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  1. im in a green house dont know what this could be but its affecting alot of leeaves securedownload.jpg [/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH]

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  2. Looks nutrient related. You need to supply more info.
  3. spray application damage,or something in the air.nute damage will effect the whole leaf.
  4. Sorry , I am using gerneral hydro flora series . It's been really hot lately i thought that might have something to do wit it , the problem has gotten worse , I think one might be dying completely I went into the green house n most of the fan leaves on it were dead .(brown n fragile) idk what o do any advice would be great
  5. Flush and check your PPMs coming out of the bottom. Looks like nute burn to me. No need to push a plant beyond 1200 PPMs. You in coco or hydro, soil?

  6. Yeah that's what I thought too I flushed it last night , I'm in soil . Also is it safe to switch nutes ?
  7. You can switch nutes... Flush Flush Flush.

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