Help, what is causing my leafs to curl up??

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am trying to figure out what is causing my leaf tips to curl up. As you can see in the pictures, it is very slight and the plants are overall healthy, but I want to resolve any issues that come up as soon as possible.

    My first thought was nitrogen toxicity, but I ran out of Terra-Vega fertilizer (and money) over a week ago and the problem has come up since then, so that doesn't make sense. A while ago my plants got a calcium deficiency (I use R/O water) and I have been using CaMg+ which fixed it, but I have been using 1 tsp / gallon for every single gallon every single day. The bottle says 1 tsp / gallon for light feeding and up to 2 tsp / gallon for heavy feeding. Because I have been using this every feeding, even at light dosage, and it is so hot, have the plants got an overabundance of CaMg and that is causing the tips to curl up?

    Should I stop using it for a few days and then only add 1/2 tsp / gallon after that? And maybe only every other day? I am curious to know what you guys think.

    Please advise, thank you sincerely for your advice and help. You guys rock!

    Dr. Sativa

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  2. What medium are you using? What are the temps

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  3. Fox farm ocean forest, temps 45-90 between night and day. Southwest CO.
  4. Are these indoor or outdoor? Do you have a fan blowing directly on them? This will cause leaves to curl up.
  5. Forget that last post. Didnt see 3rd pic. Not very experienced with growing outdoors but my guess would be pests. I was too scared to plant outdoors just because of dealing with pests.
  6. Could be the heat? My leaves did a similar thing when it got above 82ish, but not as bad.

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  7. Maybe but I seriously doubt it, because the neighbor's plants look just fine. And the other neighbor's plants look fine too, all are outside. I think it could probably be all the CaMg+ I have been using. Could overuse of this cause the leaves to curl? I am going to lay off it for a few days... and then only add 1/2 tsp / gallon
  8. It's also *very* windy by them, to the point I had to build barricades with rebar and plastic to block some of it. But some of the leaves get a lot of wind still. Maybe it's wind burn? In which case, I would be relieved
  9. I just talked to my friend who is a botnist, and he said it is almost certainly all the sun they are getting sitting where they are. Just so you guys know, I water them every morning but in the direct intense sunlight they need to be watered twice a day, because they have already way outgrown the pots I have them in. (sad)

    So, to sum it up: The large surface area of the plant leaves sitting in 12 hours of sunlight all day, sitting in small pots, it can't hold enough water to keep the plant cool and satisfy the plant. Ideally, I need to use less water but water them twice a day, morning and evening. Unfortunately that is nearly impossible due to their location :(

    Resolved! Thanks

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