Help.... What happened??

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  1. Things were going great until 10 days ago. Then all of a sudden yellow leaves everywhere
    Been outside in Manitoba, Canada since July 6.
    Help..... I gotta fix this

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  2. I don't grow in soil. So I can't really help much,

    but if you gave some more information about your grow you would probably get a lot more help.

    how old are the plants
    what medium are they planted in
    what nutrients have you been feeding them
    whats the nutrient schedule
    whats your PH of the water/run off
    how many hours of sun
    whats the weather been like

    I'm sure a soil grower will chime in.

    good luck.
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  3. The plants started may 6 inside, moved outside June 6 in pots, then July 6 into soil raised beds. I have been following the nute instructions on drain to waste.
    I haven't checked the ph.
    Is this a nitrogen problem?
    Help Please.
  4. Certainly looks like nitrogen deficiency to me. Stretch phase requires ample nitrogen.
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  5. How wet is your soil? Could be being overwatered. Wait for the soil to dry out completely then water always. If you used fresh soil they shouldn’t be having nutrient def yet at that size, but it could also be the roots suffocating if you have a hard clay like soil top which isint a big deal usually
  6. Hey, alright...Manitoba Poison make up part of the breeding foundation for the strain that I've been growing for years. Looks like the yellowing is confined to older fan leaves. Feed some fast acting high nitrogen water soluble fertilizer during the next watering. The yellow leaves are gonna die-back to the leaf petiole base - that just happens during flowering - detach 'em as they get brown -n- crispy.

    I used to get alot of leaf die back during flowering when I would use commercial compost as a soil amendment - be it Chicken, Steer or mushroom compost. Switching to aged horse manure for the soil amendment really seemed to help keep alot more leaves deep green 'til harvest. Combining it with composted chicken manure and fine dolomite lime works even better. I still feed periodically as per-label recommendations with water soluble fertilizer. If your soil doesn't contain any dolomite lime consider adding Epsom salt to the water. I think it's one tea spoon per gallon, but I'd suggest looking up the proper ratio first. That said, the old leaves still die back as daylight hours get shorter and flowers grow denser.
  7. Looks like you need a whole lot more aeration in your soil. Your roots are starving for oxygen. No amount of nitrogen will fix this problem.
  8. Looks like root rot to me. Are you overwatering?

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