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  1. alright here's the story. yesterday me and my friends were gonna go to some amusement park, smoke up outside (weed) then sneak in and go on some dope rides. anyway, I rolled up to the amusement park with my friend and met up with my other friend and some other sketchy kid that I've never chilled with before. so there's me my 2 friends and this kid right, so we do the usual and start smoking. I was gonna b the last bong hit since I had already smoked early that day. but that sketchy kid was hitting the bong right before it was my turn and he offered me some of his weed and i stupidly said sure, free weed right, so he packed a fat bowl with some keef on top. I wanted to impress them so i took the whole bowl in one hit (which usually isn't that hard). it was extremely intense and felt like I had a million things going through my head at once. at this point, i still didn't think twice about the legitimacy of his weed as i thought it might just be good quality kush.

    after I while it got more intense and they wanted to go on some rides but i already knew i was too fucked so i told them I would catch up with them later. so they left and I was alone in some park laying on the grass.
    then i noticed everything started to hurt especially my armpits and chest. it was a sharp pain in my chest and felt like someone was cutting my armpits with a knife. i also realized my thoughts were extremely wild and noticed certain colours were like different somehow. I realized I was defs on some weird drug so i started to panic, I knew that calling my mom and getting in some shit is way better than potentially dying or having a heart attack so i called her. she picked me up we went home she lyed me down got water and calmed my nerves. the really painfull intense high lastest probs 2-3 hours then i was just chill from the weed but felt nauseous and twitchy. its the next day and i feel way better just rly focused like im on smt. I'm usually really strong minded person and nothing really fazes me (im kind known as a tough guy i guess but not a dickhead) and i kept pretty calm throughout the whole things as that's just me but even then it was so intense at one point it felt like I was dying. anyway, I learned my lesson and probs wont be hanging with those people much.

    can someone pls try and help me figure out what drug i had taken the main side effects were
    *less control of my body
    *armpits heart rly bad so did my calves and thighs. (genuinely felt like something was cutting me)
    *chest became tight
    *heart rate was very high
    *parts of my body would twitch at times
    *my state of mind was very different (felt like my brain was numb but still concise

    sorry fo the long post and thx to anyone who helps.
  2. Reminder:
    Discussions of other drugs is not permitted.

    As I told you in a message; You're best bet is to ask the kid that gave it to you.
    It is possible that you simply got overwhelmed with the hit, kief can pack a punch. Then had a bit of an anxiety attack.

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  3. Serves you right for being a dick and smoking the whole bowl! I think they call that drug karma!

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  4. Oh Billy Boy..
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  5. you just smoked too much. kief is still kief and is alot more thc than weed.
  6. Sounds like that good ol street caffeine. Then again you could have just over reacted to some strong judging by the fact your probably about 15 and dont really smoke mr.smokethewholebowlunderpeerpressuretolookcoolbutcanthang. Sorry for your shitty experience but you should PROBS never smoke like that ever again.
  7. First time smoking dank i guess
  8. Boy if I had a dollar
    Each time...
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  9. Well if you're from America or the U.K. It is possible what that kid had was an unmentionable that people are moving from my country to there (it's normal weed but it's DOUSED in all sorts of shit I.e. Many unmentionables), but if it was that it's also very likely he didn't know that it was that. The only reason I'm suggesting this is because I've been tricked into buying that stuff (since it legitimately looks like normal weed) and it was very very intense and I felt much of what you've described and the only way you find out it isn't is when the powders fall out the bottom of a joint.
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  10. This is hilarious. A buddy of mine smoked a blunt with a guy we knew. Guy was throwing up and swore it was laced...
    That dank...
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  12. Yup, panic attack, sounds like the kid who you say is "sketchy" was a good guy, and packed you something way to strong for your tolerance and you being young decided to show off, and it 100% back fired, and knowing what I would have done if I were the other 3 kids, you should probably just avoid them because they are still having a good laugh, at your expense.

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  13. Oh, Bill... :mellow: You just smoked some loud loud, that's all. By putting kief on top, he doubled the THC content of your hit. You got spun, son.

    I know you probably aren't going to listen to me, but you really should wait until you're older to smoke weed. 18, by the earliest measure. The brain is still developing before then (and well into the early 20's) and if you introduce a stoned mind to the could literally grow up retarded.
  14. Maybe you could google synthetic weed ( hope this isn't against the rules as it's still talking about weed) and see if
    your symptoms are there.
  15. You wanted to impress them so you smoked the whole bowl? Not fucking cool! That is bad etiquette and if that was my weed I would possibly punch you.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. You know somebody has to refer to OP as Billy everytime we have a panic attack thread now right hahahaha

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  18. Nah, just when they are obviously underage.

    I'm betting 16 17 tops.
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