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  1. I am a relatively new grower, this is a 4 week old pineapple express plant and I added 20ml of a 20-20-20. Brandname is Genhydro. I have a 1gal hydroponic tank. The plant is now dying and yellowing, I flushed the system and washed roots then prepared the plant with nutrient solution suggested by the Genhydro bottle for a vegetative plant with a 20ml solution of 7-6-11. This did not help the plant rebound. So then I changed to pure filtered water with no nutrients and it still seems to be going down hill. No improvement in 48 hours. I know the plant is starving. The stalk has some fuzzy white film near the root base, it has seemed weak since it started sprouting. Is there any way to save this one? And if not what do I do to prevent this in the future?

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  2. what a sad looking plant
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    That's real helpful Derrick! Instead of being a wise ass why don't you offer some advice. Clearly the man knows that his plant is hurtin.
  4. LOL, looks like a strong case of root rot. any1 concur? sorry bro that is very depressing and prolly driving you crazy to look at it, dont shoot yourself LOL! I have never seen anything that bad.
  5. Lol.... Yeah root rot.

    So sorry bro. Study more. Smoke more too
  6. Thanks guys! I appreciate the relatively swift reply. I looked up what I could about root rot - it makes a lot of sense. I had a grow previous to this one that went downhill really fast after I added a stronger/better nutrient solution - I thought I had some poison nutrients at first!

    I had a situation where I lost the power to my irrigation system, so the water got a little stagnant and I'm guessing that's when I caught the rot. Added the nutrients and BAM shrivelled up and completely died in a weekend (8-10 weeks old, too...). Now it sounds like I was just fueling the rot!

    I threw my plant in the garbage, drained the system and thoroughly scrubbed it, then refilled with tap water and Hydrogen Peroxide and flipped the irrigation system on. Is there something else I should do to ready my system for a new grow? I don't want to start growing again and have this destroy my seedlings.
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    That sux mate you have my sympathy! I was just looking about moving from soil to hydro, i have been growing in soil for around 3 yes now and one good thing about it is you don't these catastrophic incidence of what looks like nasty root infection? The plant looks flattened. That damage is normally root my only help I can be I am afraid is, what you have already been doing ( flushing the system and use hp to sterilise it to), one thing I have never had but have heard tell of it is neem a type of root infection, try soil? Hope a hydro head help you soon bro peace 420 GG - doh! Lol glad to know I was on the right lines this my like second ever post, I am new to GC and I didn't see all your replies, I am stoned lol....... Ohh I can add 1 thing! :) there is a product called neem nurse and if it's is neem it will stop recurring, hope that helps......... :)
  8. That fun on the stem is mold and u have stem rot it happend to me my first hydro grow I'm a dirt man now

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