HELP! What´´s wrong with my plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by VeganAlex, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. In the past week I´ve noticed my plant has like drying little spots in some leaves, the tips of some leaves are drying out too. I´´ve noticed also that some leaves (the biggest ones), have a different, lighter colour in the middle than on the edges. Are those bad signs? I´´ve been looking for bugs and didn´t find any, so I suppose the very high temperatures and the so intense sun light is causing that. Could I be right?. What can I do to avoid all these?
  2. overfertilization - i.e. fert burn. need to flush your plants ASAP with plenty of water.

    but it could be heat stress, but that usually affects the portions of the plant closet to the lights.
  3. The plant has never been fertilized, so I suppose it is the heat
  4. mite b the soil is low in MG 4 the sopts and leaf losing colour mite b low in N. feed em.

  5. u can also go to
    This site is also available in english.
    When u enter the site u have to go to growinfo and then to info courier.
    U can see with the pics and the writing what it is that u r plants need and what u should do.
    They are probably missing something that the leaves got like this.
    like magnesium,calcium or nitrate or something like that.
    But u can see that for u r self.

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