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Help: Weird effects 24+ hours after. Worried

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by wjosh18, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Ok... I'm 20 years old and have been toking for about 3 months. Started off smoking about twice a week and then recently my friend and I purchased MFLBs. I get a very interesting effect from the vaporizer that I don't get from smoking. It's like a sensory overload. The only way I can think to describe it is that it feels like my sense of touch is in a low frame rate, or like my body is being flashed on and off by a strobe light when I move. It's less intense when my eyes are open and I can more or less function physically when they are. I do happen to like the effect (or I did) and I just assumed it was normal. However, I found out that my friends don't actually have this happen to them, at least not to the extent that I do.
    I've been using my MFLB regularly the past couple weeks. I usually use it at night, experience the sensory effect in bed, then just sleep it off and wake up in the morning fine and dandy. I had a long weekend this past week and was using it every night. I got really good at hitting the vaporizer over the weekend and became more confident doing things while under these effects.
    Now yesterday is when things became less than pleasurable. My friends and I wanted to go out walking and, wanting to avoid unhealthy smoking, I thought I could handle going out under the sensory effects. I did way too much for being out. Three vape hits and one large hit from my buddy's new wood pipe. I was handling it till the temperature dropped. The cold was almost torturous because my body seemed so much more sensitive. We made it to subway, which was awesome, then went home. Passed out.
    Ok, here is my problem right now... when I woke up this morning I noticed that the sensory effects I've described had lingered. I wasn't super worried at first, but It hasn't gone away and I'm getting worried now. It has lessened some since the beginning of the day, but not completely. It's probably about 50% better since I woke up. At this point it's mostly only in my hands.
    I'm fairly confident that It will be gone by tomorrow morning, but I'm very concerned now that this could be something dangerous. Could I be taking in some other kind of chemical from somewhere (bad storage, bad pipe, bad stuff), could I be allergic to some degree, is my brain not getting enough fucking oxygen for some reason? I don't know a ton about trees so I'm pretty worked up about this. If it doesn't go away by tomorrow I'll be very scared. Any insights are greatly appreciated.
    tl;dr: Did way to much while out in the cold last night. Weird sensory effects I get from MFLB have lasted all day and are worrying me.
    BTW: We were smoking "blue dream" mixed with something else. Also: I've gotten the same effects on other strains, but wasn't an all day affair.
  2. It just seems like you got really high and it hasn't exited your brain yet. Sometimes when I smoke a shit ton before I go to sleep (to me a shit ton=.3-.4g) I feel it in the morning. And when I smoke in the morning that "sensory overload" lasts the whole day until I sleep it off.
  3. Yeah just sounds like you smoked a bunch. I get the same strobe light deal too. Like my eyelids move in strobe light formation and it just flows through my whole body and I can't control it . You'll be fine, just wait it out and enjoy the effects. And enjoy sobriety a little more when it finally comes around :p
  4. Sounds like the vape just hit you really hard to me there's a good chance if you vape more often the effects will get less intense.

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