HELP weed smells sweet!!

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  1. So I have had an oz for like 5 months in a mason jar, I'm down to a half. Anyways it had its own distinct smell like any strain would except I opened it last night and it smell sweet. Kinda a gross sweet smell. Almost like puke but not that bad. The weed smell is very faint in the background but this sweet smell is stronger. Is it mold? I have checked for mold but im not experienced in identifying it. There are no cobwebs over the buds and there is no distinct white spots. Someone please help. Is there any way to identify mold from look, smell, or taste when you smoke it?
  2. I really could use the help guys
  3. A picture would help.

    If the bud was not properly dried before being sealed away, the inner moisture will leach out and can, in some conditions, cause rot. Rot smells sickly sweet.

    Storing bud in high humidity may cause the same issue.

    If the bud was properly dried before being stored in a dry mason jar, it is unlikely to have developed mould.

    My motto: when in doubt, throw it out.
  4. where have you kept it? is in in direct sunlight?
  5. I have been opening the container every few days for 10 minutes to allow moisture to escape (not sure if this helps). I have a pretty decent camera but cant seem to get a pic that is close up that comes out good. Ill keep trying though. Will a pic of one bud suffice, i mean if its on one is it on them all? I have them in a mason jar in a cardboard box away from light.
  6. let a blow dryer sit on it for a while
  7. When in doubt, smoke that shit.
  8. I think I know what you mean. In grade 7 I had 2 g's like in a juicy fruit container all summer and it smelled pretty different. I liked it though
  9. It's best not to smoke anything you think could be mold. I have a lung disease that wont go away called coccidiodomycosis which is caused by one tiny mold spore landing on the wall of my lung. This spore is the same size as anthrax and according to doctors, I should be dead from it already. I don't recommend it.

    When in doubt, don't throw it out, cook it on the stove for 3 hours and make brownies. Whatever thc is left will cook into butter and if there's mold, it will die from the heat. Peace.
  10. ^ this

    You don't wanna smoke mold man..
  11. Thanks for the input guys. I have searched the buds a countless amount of times and only found a few spots that could possibly be mold. Even those are a toss up. It just looks like the trichomes are whiter in this area, not fuzzy or anything. I mean I checked as good as I could. I can only imagine that people must accidentally smoke this stuff all the time and cant be bad. All the stems have white hairs on them but are so evenly distributed I'm convinced Its part of the plant. Obviously if I see stuff that looks like bread mold I'm tossing it. Is mold usually pretty obvious?
  12. Also I notice on one of the small leaves in the buds the outer half was brown while the rest was green. It wasn't a brown buildup on the leaf but the leaf itself was completely brown. Im thinking this may have been something else other than mold but input on this issue is welcomed as well. Thanks guys I'm really hoping this isn't mold so I can stop worrying. Lastly is mold easily noticeacable. Like if I can't tell if it is mold or not is it def not?

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