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HELP: Water spilled on weed, what do I do?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AfricanAssassin, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. My dude say he spilled water on my pick up. If I still get the pickup will the nug be fine?
  2. you accidentally the whole nug?!?!?
  3. haha not me but my dude, what can be done?
  4. microwave the nugs bra
  5. dont microwave them. let them sit out to dry .. could take a long time but atleast you'll still have your weed.
  6. Dont microwave them, just let them dry out.
  7. theyll be fine, just let em dry out for min, i wouldnt microwave it for fear of possibly degrading the weed
  8. #8 wraughbit, Feb 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 18, 2009
    your dealer sold you a wet nugget? :confused::eek:

    put it on top of your monitor or something on a piece of paper. or your fridge. something warm ok?

    air drying won't dry it fast enough to prevent mold.

    but your dealer sold you a wet nug. you got ripped off. wet=water weight

    that is unless he spilled the water INSIDE the baggy after he weighed it out. :rolleyes:
  9. i wouldnt buy wet weed. hes not gonna be able to weigh it right.
  10. Dude thats not cool, he could be ripping you off, the water will add a bit of weight. To dry I would use silica gel but you probably don't have that around, but you can buy it at any hobby store. I really wouldn't buy it from him it's gonna be a pain in the ass. And wtf how old is he? very unprofessional

    if your that desperate I would put the grass spread out on a pan in the oven on the lowest temp setting it will go, if you smell weed then it's too hot, try putting it in for about a min then check, adjust accordingly, then check and so on
  11. so did he accidentally the whole nug? Or just part?
  12. itll dry, maybe lightly blow a hair dryer over it.

    if you keep feeding a plant, any plant, microwaved water, it will die, so i dont think microwaving is a good idea.

    if its wet before you bought it thats kind of shady, he doesnt have any dry shit?
  13. I hope he adds about 75% more than what you get wet, because it's going to lose that much when it dries out.
  14. Why would you give a plant microwaved water in the first place??
  15. oh I don't know....

    a 7th grade science experiment maybe?
  16. Don't ever buy weed that is wet.
  17. I wouldn't buy it. In fact i'd wait to buy from him until this current stuff is gone because of mold.
  18. tell HIM to dry the shit before weighing and selling it. insect b4 purchase of course. or make some qwiso with it.
  19. Tell him to ry it out and drop the price since he fucked 'em up a bit.
  20. Hey guys thanks for the help, guess what, my dude was fucking with me the whole time just so he could surprise me with my pickup. At least I learned an important lesion for if i actually do get nug wet. I am so relieved.
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