Help? Water Lines, Nute build up?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by tmw62490, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. I just moved 8 clones from my humidity dome to their finishing spots in a top fed system.  I have 4 plants in each tub with small water lines running to each basket with hydroton rocks in them. My nutes/water solution is being recirculated and I am running my pumps and air pump 24/7. There is a nute build up that is happening in the water lines that are running to each plant.  is there any way to prevent this?  I have large air stones in the reservoirs to keep things mixing.  Does anyone have any suggestions for this and so far its not effecting the water flow but I fear it will soon.  Anything helps.

  2. Is there a filter on the pump? I don't see why you're getting build up already. You must be slamming them with nutes? Or do you think it's more like a slime build up? Crusty white or slimy white, brown, black, or green?
  3. its brown, it was my first reservoir with newly rooted clones.  I had a filter on my pump but I had to take it off because it kept building up.  I was just using Cyco Platinum's week 1 vegetation nutrients.  I think the roots weren't taking the nutes, but it has cleared up now so I guess it was just the initial flow of nutrients.  

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