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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ChronicKid88, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Im trying to attempt to grow my own bud in my house either in my closet or attic because its the only available space
    as of now im focusing on the closet but i have no idea where to even start
    if anyone whos had experience growing indoors can set me on the right track i would appreciate it
    i need to know pretty much all the steps . . . wat seeds, how to go about germination, what im going to need to grow them (supply wise), how long it will take to grow, and how much i can expect to yield when its done
    all help is appreciated
  2. I would begine by reading as much as you can about growing; there are many guides right here for thee looking.

    If I could figure out how to do it, I kept a list of things I needed and I'll try once more to attach it.

    Read as much as you can, and keep a folder of thewse things. Also keep a watrering and fertilizing schedule, it really helps to know.

    Good luck, and ask questions about what you read and don't understand.

  3. hey CK88
    congrats on getting out of the weed rat race
    I have to say when I came here looking for ideas and How to's, I spent 3mth reading gides and that search button at the top was my best friend
    only when you have hit a deadend, then ask what you can't find the answers for, but I can tell you everything you need to know has been asked here a 100 times
    just try moding you search -differnt words helps too
    like I said I found everything I needed to know and have now started my grow with 5 plants in flower now and 15 more to come soon
  4. guys thanks both for the tips and the feedback i appreciate it
    Scooter wat methods did you decide to take becuase i find so many im not sure which ones to start out with or which would even be easier
    becuase as you said theres a lot of words and terms that i dont even really understand
    im not looking to go crazy with some serious weed
    im simply looking to grow some decent bud to reduce the insane amount of money i spend on buying bags
  5. here this will cut down on your search and keep you out of trouble for a bit!!
    you if you want to cut down or stop buying weed then this is the post for you
    read up on LST traning its a good idea for limited space

    myself I went with a fridge grow ,8 bulbs =244W, I will be putting in 3 plants every 2 weeks and pulling 3 every 2 weeks once its full , I will be cloning off 3 mother plants!!
    I just had 11 out of 12 white rhino seeds sprout and show of green today!!

    CK88 -know what your allowable space is , budget , goals are !!


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