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  1. I need some help boys...have 5 LSD fem seeds and 1 OG Kush fem seed, I want to start my plants under a light for at least 3 weeks before the beginning/mid May(I hear that's the right time around here to plant outside) I'm an absolute beginner and I was told (when you start seedlings) to not to give them more light than your area recieves(WA only gets a max of 15hr39min sunlight on the solstice) I'm not sure how strong my light should be(or the kind) and I'm clueless on how much light to give my babies before I plant them in my greenhouse.
  2. I'm in Eastern Oregon doing the same thing. I have 5 skunk #1 and 5 Northern Lights, all germinated successfully and are now 2 day old seedlings. I plan to do 16/8 until mid May and start transitioning to Outdoors. We get hot dry summers so I'm concerned that the transition from an ideal indoor, humid environment will be stressful at first. I assume that a 20/4 indoor schedule now would be bad since they will never get that kind of light when they go outside in 8 weeks.
  3. 16-8 or 17-7 is best for indoor starting for outside transition..
    The actual flower trigger point for most strains is about 14.5..
    You want to be as closely matched as you can be or the little gems will flower from light shock sure as hell.. A slightly longer day outside is OK but any shorter day will trigger flower.. Longer nights is what trips the plants so you have to be extremely careful of adding darkness to their nights..
    You don't have to worry to much about the change in temps and humidity as they don't seem to affect my plants at all.. It's just any lighting change that screws them up..
    June 1st is my setout in So Calif for mature veg plants and May 1st for planting seed in the ground outside..


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