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help w/ purchasing from LHS

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 130648, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. So tomorrow, I'm going to my local head shop and I wanna get a new piece. I want a glass bong with a slider that is about 10-14 inches tall, with no percs, diffusers, or ice catchers. Just a simple bong. Also, I want a metal grinder that is durable and has a kief catcher.

    How much do you think those two items will be??? I heard the head shop has decent prices, but I've never been there.

    Also, I was thinking about getting some beeline, how much is that, and do you recommend it?

    Thanks, any help is appreciated:smoke:
  2. This.

    Id also like tips on proper head shop etiquette/ haggling.

  3. I know that your supposed to call it a "water pipe" because "bongs" are drug paraphernalia. You might be able to haggle if the workers there are chill.
  4. to be honest man, you are gonna get ripped off at a headshop, better off ordering off of here. However, if you decide go, it is indeed called a waterpipe. Know that EVERYTHING SOLD THERE IS FOR TOBACCO USE ONLY. Also you can talk about a grinder, might want to call your keif catcher a pollen cather. Bongs in headshops usually run between 75-500 dollars in my town, and grinders can be around 50 for the one you want. Different shops will have different quality, different brands, and will vary in the number of pieces they sell. Even if you didn't buy from there, it would still be a good idea just to look around and see what you like. Again, i recommend you order something online, perhaps from the wonderful GC ;)

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