Help w/ pH: Doing everything wrong with coco!

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  1. I have 4 WW plants in flowering, they had issues during veg with Cal/Mg but I *think* it's been taken care of (no more spotting is evident in new leaves/existing leaves). They're 10 weeks old and 3 weeks into flowering, they spent 7 in veg because of some issues in setting up the other room.
    I finally worked out all the environmental kinks in the flowering room (ventilation, temperature and humidity), but the plants are just not flourishing. Leaves are clawing, discolored (bright yellow), most are burnt at the tips to a crisp and curling in a tight spiral. I am attributing all of these symptoms to pH issues (maybe wrongly?). Miraculously, I still have bud developing.
    I pH the water using an indicator vial test (General Hydroponics brand) and always try to get the color to be a light yellow green, hard to tell exactly but the chart shows this color range to be ~6. 5.8 is ideal for coco, so I've read, and coco is said to be more forgiving than most mediums, but I am experiencing so many problems.
    I feed with nutrients every other watering (General Hydroponics FloraDuo a little less than recommended, full-strength tends to burn the plants).
    I checked the runoff of the water yesterday and it was low, maybe pH of 4-5, one of the plants couldn't even have the pH tested because the water was so discolored and brown (unsettled particulates? or too much fertilizer?)

    Any insight would be helpful, and I would show pics, but it's kind of sad, just picture the worst situation possible.

    Lights: HPS 600W
    Temp: 78-85 (At one point reached 100, but fixed the issue with ventilation)
    Humidity: 44%
  2. Ur grow is similar to mine... Should sub bro there is a lot of great info in my thread from advanced coco growers.. The journals is labeled ice bomb.. Did u flush coco before planting? If the ph is to far off u could be dealing with a nutrient lock out.. But that's jus an idea.. With coco u can feed every watering.. Like I said before hope on my thread and u really gotta read from beginning I'm sure u will find a lot of great info in there for ur grow...

  3. Ninetailz,

    thanks, I checked out your grow journal, very good info. I did not flush before planting, and that seems to be the problem. I started seedlings yesterday and flushed, initial readings of *unused* brand-new coco was pH of 4! So I flushed until ~6. This is strange, I read "Ask Ed's Guide to Growing with Coco" and it said that modern coco should have a neutral pH, also, the bag claims to have a neutral pH as well....kinda messed up that it doesn't.
    So I flushed all my plants in flowering and SADLY one immediately (within 24-48 hrs) showed sacs (became a hermie!) ugh, what a waste!
    I hope that flushing has not turned all of my plants into hermies, and that they didn't get dusted with pollen. Thanks again for your reply, and sorry that it took a little while to get back to you but I have been frantically trying to fix these problems!
  4. I had the same issue.. I'm using black gold coir.. I had forgot to rinse it, and my plants had acted a lil funny in the beginning after flushing medium they bounced right back.. That sux about the hermi.. I don't know really anything about it.. I jus know its common in feminized seeds.. No worries bro I figured ur reply when u got around to it ;) ask Ed's is a great thread btw. I had learned a lot from there
  5. Yea, I private messaged him, I hope he has the time to answer. He says in his thread that Coco has a tendency of reverting back to original pH levels despite flushing, which is worrisome, because I am definitely STRESSING my plants by flushing, you know? I don't want it to be all in vain. I might have to change mediums if it's just going to be continuos pH problems.
  6. Ya that's weird.. I haven't had any issues with ph. I'm steady at 6.6 if urs was that low a simple nutrient lock out is quiet possible.. How old r ur plants again?
  7. Temps are too high, for starters.

    I am pretty sure your issue is the GH pH down. It is phosphoric acid and phosphorus in Coco is a tricky subject. Switch to an organic acid like Fulvic or Citric crystals and your issues will go away. Buildup is the problem here so ensure you collect 30- 50% as runoff for the next 4 or 5 feedings to help remove the buildup and restore a healthy charge.

  8. they are 10 weeks old, 3 weeks in flowering. That's exactly what I'm thinking.

    I just now had to flush one of my plants, took a lot of water to bring the pH to a normal level, tested the pH of the nutrient solution it too was normal, but when I fed it and collected run off pH was once again at 5 :/

    This crop is doomed

  9. SCMC,

    K, I was researching this same thing, trying to find alternatives.

    the plants have fans on them, but the recorder is reading highs of 86.
    Is it too late to switch to a different 12/12 cycle so that the light is on during the coldest parts of the day? I don't want any more hermies :/
  10. I've been using the GH ph down my whole grow.. I've had no issues at all.. I would like a more organic solution to lowering ph.. But as high as my tap water ph is I'd be using bottles of lemon juice, which I'm sure couldn't be to healthy for them either.. The GH ph down is very strong. My tap ph is 8.2.. I use half a dropper of the ph down and brings it right down to 6.6/6.5.. I think changing the schedual will probley mess with them.. As I'm not sure about its jus an educated guess.. But I'd definitely seeing it cut into yield. Being they will have to adjust themselves... Will it kill em I highly doubt it.. Lol, I wouldn't say doomed was jus a learning experience. :)

  11. yup, that stuff is lethal. super potent.

    the base is not as potent.

    I just increased the fan ventilation, got temps down immediately.

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