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  1. PLEASE HELP!!!!! my clones are turning yellow, and the leaves curling up.... i cant figure out what happened! i took them last thursday, so its been a week, they all looked fine until i got home from work today... i cleaned out the cloner with ONA bleech and refilled it with plain tap water pH- 5.9. I dont understand~ some still look good, but some are starting to look f'ed... im trying to post pics now... some of the stems are starting to look brownish when i pull them out of the machine, like hay. HELP???????
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    heres some pics...

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  3. Those are monster clones! I can't say I've taken them that big before - but I'd be a little concerned about the lack of roots to support the foliage. If you've cloned them that big before then maybe not a big deal.

    How much light do you have on them? Usually yellowing & browning means there's a little too much light burning up the chlorophyll.

    On the plus side they look really good mostly ;)
  4. i always take them that big, at least... I just have a T8 fixture w/ 2 6500k bulbs.
  5. You REALLY want ta Save em .. ?

    It will require Cutting, and some time .. .. ?
  6. i do want to save them... whats the problem?
  7. Hey WWM! I think you are right man, less leaves & less light & more time and these might make it. I've had some take 3-5 weeks to root before (LSD) :mad:
  8. they all only have 1 full set of leaves, and the 2nd set that is undeveloped.. They just look so huge, because they were big ass plants, and there are 2 cuttings in each neoprene insert
  9. OK, ..

    Start with Cutting UP .. .. The Stem as its been a Week.

    So, .. Cut Away on the Stem, All the Brown *( Slime ) shit.

    Then, .. I know ya need ta have length, But, you might need ta trim some of the Lower Shit out, above the Stem that we are trying ta root .. ..

    You with me so far man .. .. ?
  10. The light is like 2ft away from them, and i always used that light for cloning... thats too much light for them? its not even directly under it, its kinda over off to the side, so its not in the direct light... I'm fucking stumped! i never had this b4, and i've been using aero-cloners for like 3 years :mad: this is what usually happens after about 10 or so days...

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  11. yes, i'm with you... Whats the problem? should i adjust anything? or just start cutting them again?

  12. OK, .. They are BROWN .. lol .. .. That is, Slime man, .. DEAD .. .. So, .. Cut it, Lose it.

    USE only Distilled Water / Spring / R / O . . . . And, Clean that shit out EVERY day..

    I don't care about your lights right now, .. I care about Roots..

    So, .. Do that, .. Get sufficient Lights *( If ya don't Have ) .. You should have Root Bumps in, ..

    If done tonight, ..

    T- 5 Days,. .. .. :D

  13. kk thanks! any idea as to what caused the slime/ brown nastiness? I should be changing the water in there everyday?

  14. Yes Bro, .. .. Cloning I personally do it every day, *( Change the Water ) .. But, With the same water, and Never Tap .. ..

    If ya do what I said, You will save Ladies man ,.. .. ..

    Simply Put .. .. .. :D
  15. is 5.9 good pH for the aero? thats what i usually have it set at, and never a problem. I have always used tap water too... think thats what the problem was? and why do u suppose it only happen to some of them? should i leave the ones that still look fine alone? sorry for asking so many questions. :confused:
  16. Werd! Yeah if you've used the same lights and everything for years, then I'd look at what's different. Tap? I can see it being a problem, but don't know for sure. I normally use RO, un-ph'd. Hope they pull through for you!
  17. thanks! me too~ theres about 50 of em~ im homing at least 1 of each strain makes it.... otherwise ill be pissed! those were all the good budsites from my new seeds :( tomorrow, im going to buy some a bottle of Dutch Master Zone to add w/ the water
  18. Hey matty, sometimes clones just aren't meant to be. I just had 5, all of which were spoiled and babied as all my clones in the past were, and they all died! i can understand you being salty.
  19. You got the pros here matty, hope they pull through man. There's literally nothing I can add here so GOOD LUCK :D.
  20. i just cut the brown rot off of the ones that had it... im just hoping they pull through. If not, it'll just set me back a couple weeks, cuz ill have to cut more clones! Try Try again... Do u think i should re-cut the ones that looked okay still? or leave them?

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