Help very slow and small seedling growth

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  1. I am growing with 180w actual draw led
    Coco and perlite
    Ph 5.8
    Gave 1feedling of 1ml of canna a&b each after 3 weeks from seed
    Is this plant too small for 4week plant i have germinated them first of march
    The plants not showing any longtitute growth or stretching. It is literally in the same height as it sprouted from seed.
    What could be the problem of this?
    The humidity should be around 50-80 range and temperature would be 29degrees celcius max

    Also one of the more developed seedling the first leaves are pale white does that mean i should of feed them ages ago? I heard you should start feedling 1week after in coco

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  2. I would toss that Coco and perlite combo, get some better soil to grow in (formulated grow soil works the best but if you can't get it, use a box store brand and amend with about 40% perlite). The reason you have no more seedling growth than what you have here is because you planted a tiny seedling or a seed in a monster size pot of dirt. The first thing a plant does is create a root system. Until that's done, the foliage will just sit there and wait. The more dirt that little seedling has to root into, the longer it's going to take it to do so. Your plant is NOWHERE NEAR READY FOR NUTES. It's still just a tiny little baby. Admittedly, it's probably getting toward the end of putting it's root system together, but until you see the foliage start to take off and grow and the plant use more water, it's still working on roots. It's always better and you get much faster foliage growth when you start them in something small, like a Solo cup, so you confine the amount of space the plant has to get rooted into. When the plant itself is wider and taller than the container or cup, it's time for an up pot. The plant at this size is usually a good indicator that you're slightly root bound presently (which is what you want) and the plant needs a new container. If you're using a good grow soil, with a repot you get a fresh supply of nutes. Nutes are only supposed to be started when the plant has had enough time to use up the nutes that came in the soil. However, this stuff you're growing in doesn't have much nutritional value...thus, the recommended soil change.

    You can very easily take that little thing out and transplant it into a more suitable size container into some better soil. I'm not a hydro person, but not too many people out here who grow in containers (not hydro) use Coco as their base media. Watch your watering and only water when the container the plant is in feels like it did when you first loaded it with dry soil....regardless of what size container you're growing in. They do not like moist conditions constantly around their roots. The plant will only need (straight water pH'd to the proper range...(6.3 to 6.7 for soil grows...the 5.8 you've been using is within the range for a hydro grow...not soil. Wrong pH over an extended period of time will lock up the roots of your plant and it can't take in nutrition) for A WHILE if you start them out in the right size container and pot them up when they need it. Each repot gives you new nutes so you don't have to supplement any. During veg you need: Good soil. Good light. Proper watering technique. Good potting technique. Water pH'd to the correct range for soil grows (6.3 to 6.7). If you're doing all these things, you should breeze through veg easily.

    Get on the new grower threads and read. Lots of posts there that contain the basic information that every new indoor grower should know before they plant even a seed. People put months of thought into creating a setup to grow with and very little time into looking into the proper process to grow these plants. It's definitely not like tossing a seed in dirt and waiting for the magic to happen. The more you know, the easier time you will have. But sounds like you're a bit confused on the difference in supplies used for hydro growing and soil growing. The more you grow, the better you get and the more it makes sense. This is not something you pick up in a week or even a month. It takes a little time to learn it all. Good luck! TWW
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  3. Thanks for your reply widow white . I have grown in soil before and i seem to get pests all the time and its in my room so i have switched to coco. I had planted them in a small solo cup at the start but i used those clear cups which people told me to get rid off so i transplanted that cookies kush into a 3gallon pot. But the pale one is still in the solo cup with black plastic around it . About the ph i have read coco ph level should be the same with hydro. And 5.8 is the perfect range for coco.
    ill just toss in some more seeds and start experienting as i have quiet abit of bagseed to practice with.
  4. Pretty hard to see what's going on with the purple light...

    I made a mix of perlite, coco and peat and ran into problems first time I used it, now I have a healthy (albeit male) plant after starting feeds early (GH trio) and supplementing with cal/mag.

    Canna a/b should have everything the plant needs in coco, feed at half strength until you see some growth and go from there is my advice - my knowledge is very limited though.

    Remember coco is inert, you must feed to give the plant what they need very soon in the life cycle.

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