HELP!! Very bad heat problem!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jollygreenthumb, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. ok so the last couple of days here in town it has gotten kind of warm and my plants are feeling it, there starting to wilt. i have a box and when the door is closed the temp gets up to 91 degrees F!!! i have been having the door open with fans blowing in and it gets down to 85-86. Does anyone have any homemade suggestions or cheap suggestions to get the temp down. THANK YOU
  2. Either buy or find a cooling source, like a portable AC unit or a window unit. Or, leave the door open like you have been when it's hot.
  3. better get an ac dude and afew fans
  4. how much do these portable AC's cost?? is it worth it if u need to lower it by 5-10 degrees?
  5. What kind of ventilation do you have? Do you have an exhaust fan or an air intake?
    If you have an intake, put a fan by it on the inside to suck in more air. if that doesnt make it go down, put another fan on the outside to blow air into the intake hole. you should be able to keep it below 85 during day. AC units are mad expensive. Fans at walmart are under $10.
  6. home depot has a decent 5,000 btu ac unit for 100 bucks. i use it to cool my small grow room.

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