HELP!! Very bad heat problem!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by jollygreenthumb, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. ok so the last couple of days here in town it has gotten kind of warm and my plants are feeling it, there starting to wilt. i have a box and when the door is closed the temp gets up to 91 degrees F!!! i have been having the door open with fans blowing in and it gets down to 85-86. Does anyone have any homemade suggestions or cheap suggestions to get the temp down. THANK YOU
  2. No idea m8

    all i can say is some sort of AC
    and more fans/ventilation!

    your babies probably have a lack of Co2 aswell, would add some dry ice or something

  3. I've had this problem several times before. And it really comes down to fact that there are no cheap ways to cool your room. Are you running an HID too. Because if thats the case you're definitely going to need some sort of powerful fan to run air into your grow room. If you running anything over 400 watts though I had to get an A/C unit there's just no other way especially in these hot august days.

    Do you also have some sort of constant ventilation running through your room instead of just opening the door once and a while?

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