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Help, very aggrivating.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TurtleWeekend, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Ok, so my main dealer sells bud around 20 a g. Sometimes it's dank, and sometimes its shit. And then sometimes they have a dude around with them who will sell me a hq (1/8) for 50.

    On the other hand, i got another dealer who sells me hq's for 20. but the last hq i bought from him was mids, and the high seemed to last like 30 mins, and it was just boring and not fun at all.
    i live in the central south carolina region.

    any advice or help? :(
  2. find (a) new dealer(s) :confused:
  3. Find out about local gangs and become a member as gangs always have weed
  4. well the shit your getting for 20 an hq, and by hq i guess you mean 8th, is some shwag it sounds like, prolly pretty stemmy and seedy right? if i were you i would ask around your friends who smoke who they get bud from, just try to broaden your horizons and look a little bit and i promise you will find that consistant dank dealer with decent prices, you could also try asking the 20 and 8th connection if he knows where you could find some danker weed.. save up and buy an o of dank next time you have the opportunity, that way you wont be reliant on reeing up every few days or so
  5. Thanks man!
  6. its buisness, tell both dealers your looking for high quality n you'll help him get word out that he has dank. odds are if hes dealing her knows where to get/ has a nice stash of 'tops' just for himself. if that doesn't work, ask around. an to make you jealous i just grabbed an 1/8 of grapefruit haze for 50.
  7. i mean still i hate paying 50-60 for an 1/8..
    And yes, yes i am jealous.
    the only kind of actual named weed ive smoked was purple kush, the rest was unknown dank or kush.

    and i must say the purple kush was top notch. :smoke:
  8. you ever wind up getting some dank?

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