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  1. So i've searched a bunch and can't seem to find an answer on this one. I want to heat my house with my grow lights, but the room only has a heat/ac exhaust with no heat/ac intake in the room. My question is, can I plug my grow light exhaust directly into that exhaust vent and since I won't be turning the furnace on, that it won't cause any problems in pushing the air essentially passively through my ducting? Just am concerned about back pressure damaging the blower, any undesirable moisture/humidity effects, or anything else? I figured since the ducts are essentially hollow tubes of still air without the blower for the ac/furnace on, that i could just just air through them to heat the house. Any thoughts, or solutions to this?

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    If the blower fans are not on then they are almost always free wheeling. It will experience the rotational wear without the heat of being on, which is minimal wear.  What HVAC system do you have? Brand and model will help?
    carrier and others allow passive intake to help control humidity integrated into their new smart systems.
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    From the side of the furnace i got hallmark hbd85 is that what you are looking for?

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