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  1. okay, i am going on vacation at the end of may...i have a grow currently going on and i NEED to know how to keep my plant watered while im is a 3 week vacation (i know...very long, going to europe). also i realy dont want somebody to take care of it then they will want half of what little i will get...and i just dont want any1 knowing what im up to.

    i remember reading in some post about a shoe lace and a cup of water or something like that? i have no clue i just need help badly!

    thanks in advanced....peace out:smoke:
  2. Put them outside somewhere. Let nature take its course.
  3. Three weeks Is a long time I would say your ganna need to worry about how your lights are going to get moved up they will grow quite a bit in three weeks.. When i went on vacation Only for a week though i filled a two liter with water cut a t-shit in strips long enough to go from the bottom of the bottle too the pot and poked them down about an inch or so in the soil. came home bottles were almost empty and the plants were happy..
    I would do like llock said and just put them outside till you get home..
    Good luck choke with ya later...
  4. such quick replies....i love grass city lol

    anyways, i think i am going to do 2 things...first i am going to put them outside just incase they outgrow the height of my light inside...i will also probably do the t-shirt thing like u overgrower but i might have a bigger will probably run out of water anyways but at least they will be getting watered for at least the first week...incase there is no rain or plants can prolly use the fresh air anyways....

    :gc_rocks: peace out everyone :smoking: :wave:

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