Help! Vacation ideas!

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  1. What are the best places to vacation in the northern eastern region.

    I live in PA right near Philly...max driving range is probably 15-16 hours. Flying out of question.

    What are some good ideas? I don't want big places like jersey shore, myrtle beach, etc...I've already been a hundred times.

    Also, doesn't have to be on the coast. Anything is welcome...
  2. Skiing in Vermont is pretty cool if you're pretty cool

  3. Vermont sounds awesome...they got anything going on there during the summer season?
  4. nah more of a wintery retreat kind of place but there's a lot of scenery to explore so if you want to get baked and walk around or something it'd be cool.

  5. I'm seeing some cool lakes would def be awesome stoned...

    Anyone else have suggestions??
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    check out cape cod nice beaches camping and food all around!
    just watch out for seals and great whites. i was swimming pretty close to seals a couple weeks ago pretty weird but i think they were just waiting for people to leave so they could sleep on the beach!
  7. Maine is supposed to be a really nice place.
    get some amazing Lobster. go whale watching.

    Possibly check out the Great Lakes.

    Niagara Falls could be cool if you haven't be in that area.

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