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  1. Well today I picked up some fish blood and bone npk : 4:7:4 and some tomorite npk: 4 3 8 and was wondering how I would use these and when? I can post pics if needed. Really need help with these.
  2. Yeah post pics
  3. thats what I've got and that's my plant, it's about a week and 4 or 5 days old. Going to flower it at round about sometime through week 3.

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  4. They both seem alright. I would use more of the tomorite for veg and the fish blood for flower. As for supplement amounts, honestly I have no idea.
  5. So would it be okay to start out giving tomorite to my plant say at 2 and a half week or is that to early? and keep giving it that through 1 and a half week flowering then switch to fish blood through the rest of flowering. any idea how to use fish blood?? Do I put it in water or mix some In to the top of the soil and water through it??
  6. I've never used either one of those products, I'm an X Nutrients grower at this point. It would be easier on you if you would have bought some nutrients more designed for marijuana, like Alaska, Fox Farm, X Nutrients, Advanced Nutrients (even though I hate that company, totally overpriced and over-hyped), and there's tons of other good brands. But what you bought was some regular garden nutrients that don't really tell you the rates at which you need to apply the nutrients. Can you post some pics of your grow?
  7. Imperial gallon = 4.5 liters

    giggle away
  8. [quote name='"SCMC"']I had to laugh at the label for the Tomorite with the conversion of liters to gallons. 1 gallon = 3.785 liters. Not 4.5 liters.

    Just an FYI, an Imperial Gallon is about 4.5 liters. It's used in England, and perhaps some other countries.

    To the original poster, I suggest getting a complete and well rounded commercial cannabis specific nutrient. General Hydroponics FloraNova series, or Dyna-Gro make great, reasonably priced solutions.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. So il put half a tea spoon in 1 lite of water? and build up from there. What about the fish blood? And is it safe to start now? Or should I wait till its a bit older??
  10. Hi , I would appreciate help from Anyone,
    My first 4 indoor plants are 8 weeks old, growing very very slow,
    tested my soil and read 5.5 PH , my Tab Water 8.2 PH. Any suggestion please.
    Temperature is 24 night, 29 daytime.
    Humidity is 55 Night , 70 daytime.
    I am using 1 CFL lamp 65 watt, 4200ml, 4000k Soft White for each, 7cm far from plant.

    Help Needed
    Thank you.
  11. Your going to need WAY more CFLs to grow 4 plants. the rule is 100watt a plant and an additional 50watts for each after that, and that's just sustaining life. if you want a decent yield more light less plants. Or a lot more lights.
  12. Ok it seems you are trying to combine an organic grow with a chemical grow. The first step is choosing which you are going to use and ditch the other.

    The liquid tomato fertilizer is a chemical nute. If your going to use that then the fish blood/bone will not really do you a bit of good. This is because the fish blood/bone must be broken down by microbes in your soil before becoming available to your plant. The chemical fertilizer will destroy your soil microbes so the fish blood/bone won't get turned into a plant usable form. If you use chemicals you must constantly add more chemicals because your plant doesn't have the beneficial soil microbes that it naturally would have providing it with nutrition.

    Here is an example of an organic soil mix that you could make that will only require watering, no bottled nutes.

    Fox farm ocean forest as base
    Add to this per cubic foot:

    1-2 cups kelp meal
    1-2 cups fish blood/bone
    1-2 cups rock dust
    25% worm castings/compost
    25% aeration material such as perlite or pumice

    Mix together, moisten, and allow to sit for 3-4 weeks. This gives the microbes time to start breaking down your amendments and make nutrients available to your plant. This soil can provide your plant with all it needs. All you have to do is water with a chlorine free source. You won't have to worry about ph, ppm, and all that crap either. Your living soil keeps things in check for you.

    And as always, I encourage you to check out the organics section. Tons of great information and by far the most helpful group of grass citizens you'll find.
  13. What is your current soil???

    If you started an organic mix now, it would have time to sit a few weeks then u could transplant into it right before you want to flower.

    In the meantime to get you through your other two or so weeks of veg you could use some liquid kelp extract, a little molasses, and worm castings.

    Mix a few tablespoons of the kelp extract per gallon of water. You can water with it or use it as a foliar spray or both. Use once every week or two.

    Mix 1-2 teaspoons of unsulphured molasses (available at any grocery store) per gallon of water. Can be used as soil drench or foliar spray. Use once every week or two. This provides nutrition and gives your micro herd a boost.

    Mix 1-2 cups of worm castings into a gallon of water. Use as soil drench. It adds microbial life and nutrition.

    Use chlorine free water and don't add chemical nutes.
  14. Ahh yehh I scraped all that and finally found a flowering nutrient. Also bought a book on growing so i know my shit now.Thinking about going organic next time. 4 weeks into flowering now
  15. Month old thread ehh. Thanks anyway tho
  16. Damn thread jacker threw me off lol. Oh well

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