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HELP US make his last days comfortable

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by weechiefa, May 16, 2011.

  1. A close family friend has asked me to prepare some edibles for her husband who unfortunately will pass on within the next week or two. He is currently in the hospital on morphine to control the pain, but will be leaving in the next day or two to spend his last days at home.

    I've previously made cannabutter and canna-oil but not for medical purposes, I want it to be 100% legit and it needs to be very strong obviously. What are some tips to make sure its the best it can be?

    How much should he eat daily?
    what kind of food should I prepare?

    I'm honored that they have asked me to help them in this terrible time, so I want to make sure this really helps. Any tips or experience you have in this area will help both me and their family immensely. Thank you
  2. You should make a bunch of shit. THC pills. Some cookies or brownies. Some Cannaburgers :p look through the threads in the edible section for that recipe. Just some spare oil to pour on anything. Like ice cream, pizza, anything. Get a nice vape. Hook him up.
  3. It's tough to hear when a family friend is passing away ...

    So i couldn't help but to write in this suggestion is to ask him what sweet things he's into, so u can make him his favorite dessert. Keep in mind...anything that u need Oil/Butter for u can virtually make anything for them. So make it up to the persons like. I'm sure everyone loves brownies.

    As for making them potent, i've heard of different methods to use, but i heard long and slow works best.

    Also keep in mind, that IF you buy 14 grams to put into a batch of brownies. and u make 14 squares. there's prolly about a gram in i'm sure 1 or 2 will get him going depending on his tolerance.

    There are tons of recipes in this forum, just use the search function, and i'm sure u will be able to find something that he likes.

    And always use top quality bud. Dont use shwag. and if u're using middies, it doesn't hurt to up the ante a lil bit.
  4. Make some sort of tincture, if you are making these for a terminally ill man he may have trouble eating anything...

  5. My thoughts exactly I have taken care of the elderly since I was 17, and in the end stages eating is usually difficult, we would use a syringe without a needle to put medication into the cheek area and it was effective.

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