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HELP!! Urgent Drying Question

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by lovethew33d, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Hey GC,
    My first grow has been going amazing, and I'm lookin at a 1-2 ounce yield on my girl I started late April. My question to you is, I'm going to hang the branches up with a fan circulating air in my attic for the first 3 days after chopping at my Dad's house. I gotta go to my community college and then back to my Mom's house. I can't leave the herb drying all the extra time, cause I'l be there 4 days. I'm thinking of jarring it up and leaving it in my car while I go into class for 6-7 hours, and then loading up the buds to finish drying in my Mom's attic with the brown paper bag method for the last 2-3 days of drying and then loading them back into jars to start curing. Will they accumilate mold in the 6 or 7 hours in the jars half dry while I'm in class? I really want this harvest to be successful and I'm just really hoping my whole schedule's not gonna fuck it up. There's no way I can really leave it at my Dad's or stay there. Thanks for any help guys :wave:
  2. BUMP...c'mon guys, anyone? I really need some help right now. I've made it so far and successful for my first grow, I'm gonna be real disappointed if I lose it to some mold or mess up the drying and curing and end up with some harsh-smoking schwag...this shit really is pretty good looking from my experience of smoking for around 3 years.
  3. If it is not dry I would paper bag it in the car rather than in a bottle. It will remoisten very quick if bottled to soon or at least leave the lids part way open.
  4. Try adding some ripped up paper towel to help absorb excess moisture, my thoughts are it will be fine
  5. Gently lay your buds into a paper bag with shredded paper bag inside it. Make nice little layers of shredded bag on both sides and layer it up as high as you need to :) should be fine to continue drying while you're in class!
  6. If You only have 1 plant with 1 or 2 O's on it I Would Chop it -Trim Most of it & Dry it in a Cool Dark Place With a Fan for the 1st 3 days & Then Paper Bag it Until its Dry Enough to Put in Jars-Just Watch When You Brown Paper Bag it-It Sucks the Moisture Out Really Quick-I Would Say after about 6 days you could Jar it Safely (It would actually start Curing Now) Just Make Sure to Open the Jar a Couple times a Day Until You Get Down to Only Once a Day-Which Wont take to Long & Then Make Sure You Either Shake the Glass Jar or Dump it out & Put it Back in-This Should Make it Dry Evenly-When You Can Snap a Stem-its Ready-If You Dry it Out To Much-Just Put some Wet Fan Leaves in the Jar for awhile-it Will Moisten Right Back Up-GrowMaster1-Registered Caregiver & Patient -Michigan-GOOD LUCK!!!
  7. 6 Days after chopping & hanging, or 6 days after putting them in the brown paper bags w/ strips? Thanks so much for the advice, GrowMaster1! :smoke:
  8. Really depends on your climate. Generally 3 days hanging and 3 days in bags. Do not put them in jars or they will moisten up and likely mold.

    Lastly I can't believe no one has noticed that if you dry in a CAR you have no control of the temperatures while your in class. Idk bout you but my car can get to like a hundred just baking in the sun. This will RUIN your crop. I've left a zip in my car in a mason jar and it got so hot I tried smoking it and it had easily lost 25% of it's quality. I swear the trichomes burst under too much heat.
  9. Chop tHEM dOWN & cLEAN tHEM ALL AT ONCE-tRIM YOUR bUDS wITH THE sPIN mOVE wITH yOUR bUD sCISSORS-Sory My caps lock was on-Put the Buds in a Top of a Cardboard Box if you Have one & Turn on a Ceiling Fan on Low or Just Make Sure You Get Air thatHits the Buds But Not to Hard-Do this in a Coo Darkl Dry Place-It Can Be a Little Humid-But you Want to Slow the Drying Process to a Crawl & With the Fan Going You wont have to worry about Mold-Then after 3 or 4days(Rotate Your Buds If ya know what I Mean By That-So they Dry Evenly -They Wont Be Dry Yet-This is the Time for You to use a Paper Bag -Fill it up with Buds About 3inches if you have that Much-And Open the Bag Every Day to Let New Air into the Paper Bag Every Day-After 3 Days it should Be Ready to Jar & Start Sweating Your Buds-As this is What Weed Starts to do When it is Starting to Cure-Burp the Jar at least once a Day-It will Be Smokable Probably By Now-Then Just Let it Cure-But Burp the Jae Every Day until this is No Longer Needed-Then You Can Store it For Months in a Cool Dry Space-But Watch Out-The Weed WillBe Much More Potent With a Good Cure Than When It Was Just Picked & Basically Dried-Got That?!-GOOD LUCK-GrowMaster1Registered Caregiver & Patient from Michigan:hello::wave::D:D-Growing Experience-38yrs.
  10. Exactly the type of answer I was looking for. Thanks a bunch!
  11. So glad someone mentioned the car,,im like NOOO lol u never want ur stuff to heat over 140 degrees I believe,maybe less,,,it will almost vaporize it,,,,good luck!!,,im in same place with drying in regards to just wanted to make sure I do it right!! Mine r hanging in a cabinet inclined with wood witch I believe it helping with drying,its only been abt 30hrs and they r getting crispy,,but im very confused abt curing,,I don't really understand it,,any help?
  12. [quote name='"lace42"']So glad someone mentioned the car,,im like NOOO lol u never want ur stuff to heat over 140 degrees I believe,maybe less,,,it will almost vaporize it,,,,good luck!!,,im in same place with drying in regards to just wanted to make sure I do it right!! Mine r hanging in a cabinet inclined with wood witch I believe it helping with drying,its only been abt 30hrs and they r getting crispy,,but im very confused abt curing,,I don't really understand it,,any help?[/quote]

    When your buds dry out they will not dry completely evenly. This is why the outside feels a little crispy. You cure them in mason oars and air them out a few times a day to even out the moisture. Allowing the moisture inside the bud to even out to the crispier otside.
  13. One last question for anyone looking to help me out. I might be able to find a way to stay at my Dad's if I can just tell my mom I'm up for going there next week but I have plans with friends or some bullshit to keep me around...but I can't let my Dad know about me drying it up there...he usually doesn't go up there but just because it's around halloween, he might've forgot to get an electric jack-o-lantern for the kitchen or something stupid even after the house is decorated...I'm just hoping he won't but do you guys have any helpful ideas to minimize odor spreading? It's drying on the far side of the attic in a hard to see spot, I only need to worry about the stench really. I know I should respect house rules, but this was a last resort type of thing. Didn't have anywhere else I could really do it this year.
  14. Your Welcome!
  15. Hey GrowMaster1, (and anyone else vouching to lend their 2 cents)
    Could you help me out with the last post I just put up? Helps more than you know. Without you guys a grow would be something unfathomable to me from the start. I never would've known how to do a single thing right...germinating, topping, location to grow, watering, topping, fertilizing, bug/animal repelling, drying...none of it. Real grateful for the support from anyone.
  16. I Wish I Could Help You-But Im Legal Here in Michigan & I Really Dont Have to Worry about things Like That-HOWEVER-They Do Sell Sprays & Things at Growshops Or Headshops to Cover up Smell From Weed -Hope this Helps-I'll Look into this-But I Do know they Sell Things For That
  17. Thanks. I'll keep my eyes peeled for things like this.
  18. But I mean my attics pretty big, probably like the size of a fastfood restaurant. I suck at measuring rooms and don't really have the spare time for stuff likek that. I'm just wondering if the smell is going to stay more toward one side, or if even with the candles and spraying 1-2x per day it could smell all the way to the other side and toward the staircase leading up to the place. I doubt it if its only like an ounce or two drying but I've heard on here the smell of a fresh plant can be absolutely fucking ransid, not too sure though. It isn't crazy medical dank, but it's definetly got quality that I'd find acceptable good bud from seeing how it's developing on its 5th week of flowering from when I last visited her.
  19. It has a great chance of not Only smelling up the complete attic but the entire house as well. I just finished hanging 1 1/2oz of Ny diesel in a bedroom with my exhaust vortex fan sucking it through a cana filter and then into my attic. Even with my 6" fan. My whole house stunck by the 2nd day of drying. Good luck and let us know how your final product ends up.
  20. Is there any way I could indicate how potent the smell will be within the day of harvesting? Cause I mean if I chop her and hang her upstairs and that smell gets downstairs my parents will let all hell loose on me. I thought it would smell as bad as a dry 2 ounces if its wet...I've heard people say their harvest smells like legitimate lawn grass after the first day and then the smell came back when curing in the jars...I'm not just looking for people to try and give me the answer I want to hear, but I'm just looking for different experiences and views with this dilema. Any of you guys who've dried a somewhat small harvest like mine not had too much of an odor problem in the past? My plant really isn't that stinky when I walk up to it, even now. I have to really get my nose up to it to get the slightest smell of bud. Not sure if this all goes away once I chop her down and it will just be ransid, just looking for some different opinions. I don't know the strain, but I dont remember the bag I got the seeds from being EXTREMELY stinky. But it wasn't odorless either...Does anyone know if I put a vanilla extract mix in with the last watering (which I've heard can flavour and change the smell of the buds) will this mask the reaking pot smell I've been hearing can come from a harvested plant? Cause I could always try and bring some vanilla sprays, candles, etc. up there to help mask that smell a little better. I know diesels can smell pretty bad..and I've heard from other people on forums regarding this topic insulation can make the smell not creep downstairs as bad, and every plant can be different with the severity of smell...to anyone who read this whole thing, I appreciate you doing so, and giving me any kind of advice regarding it. Thanks a bunch, as always,

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