HELP URGENT 1st timw in life trying somethig new.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by KingCop2850, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Hi ladies & gentlemen ...

    I Just got my auto flowering seeds 'Short rider Fem' from Nirvana. This is my 1ST GROW IN ME LIFE & I just want it to go smoothly. The reason why I bought Auto Flowering 'Short rider' is because it is the EASIEST to grow and a lot of people say it good for a beginner like me.

    Now here come the best part? I don't know what to do next ?.

    I've no idea what soil to use.I read online a lot of people say if I use the wrong soil for Auto Flowering plant. The auto plant will get burn / die 100% ..

    I need a HUGE HELP in this. I'm not from Usa, Uk, Euro, Canada etc . So no way in hell I could get biobizz light mix and all other good soil from the country I mention ..

    What should I do ?. What soil to use ? I just need someone who is a Professional in growing Auto Flowering to communicate & educate me ? About this.

    HELP please .. The best is if anyone could communicate with me thru here, email, Fb or anything convenience for the both of us. I'm dying here just to figure out what to do ?.

    Thank in advance & I hope their will be some kind soul out there to help me out.

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