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  1. can any one tell me what these are they about 4 months old?

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  2. criter does the female still have seeds if it has not been pollenated by a male?
  3. Im not that good with identifying plants but i would say its deffinently un-topped but looking nice!
  4. hard to tell from that pic, as it is doing ok and outside, i think it must be a sativa strain of some sorts. What size pot, and size of plant?
  5. Mcurry its in a pot of about 10lt and its about 3 feet high man.
  6. sounds a little on the small side for a 4 month plant, however some strains are smaller so it's ok, pot size is bit small, could be suffering from the plant being root bound, you may consider moving it to a larger pot. Has it started to show signs of flowering yet?
  7. MCurry no man it's not root bound yet just slow growing man. it,s got signes of flowering but it's just slow man because the fu..king wether is shit rain rain and more fu.kin rain.
  8. Yeah, it's been shit weather here in "sunny" somerset all this growing season, I have had to grow indoors for the first summer ever! Although the "Durbans" outside are doing very well. They tend to grow well in all conditions though, so been lucky there.
    keep us posted on your fine 'erb.
    good luck
  9. MCurry hey man just brought some mirical grow for my plants it seems alright the female is growing slightly but have not tryed a smoke of it yet, but i have tryed a smoke of the male and it's not to bad but not great what do you surjest man to help the female along?
  10. Once the female flowers, you need to feed a high "P" plant food such as Bloom Buster, but miracle grow will be ok.
    Keep an eye on the amount of fert, don't over do it.

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