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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FBIspy, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hey guyz i dont know what seed to choose...Ill do aeroponic in a room 1m x 0.8m
    The seed i want are...Magic Bud,Northern Light,Easy Bud,Big Bud,NortherhLightsxHaze,Ice Cream,White Berry
  2. This is what I would do:

    Drop one of the choices then assign each strain a number 1-6, then roll a fair 6-sided die and grow out whichever strain matches the number that comes up.

    This is how I make all of life's important decisions (I'm serious, too. I'm known to frequently flip coins and stick with the result) :D
  3. hah i wont do that :p
  4. Only 2 votes? :cool:
  5. i would personally go for ice cream - man that shit tastes amazing. puts big bud well in the shade (for taste and stone, not yield) ;)
  6. never had ice cream, sounds yummy, but yeah big bud is weak.

    For yield and strength I strongly recommend the tried and true, skunk #1. Grows like kudzu
  7. Ice cream has good yield?? i dont know...
  8. At grasscitys seeds says for big bud yield up to 125 and for ice cream yield 500 grams per m2 indoors. Outdoors 500+ grams per
  9. disregard all yield claims at the seed sites. Of course they will sound massive, they want you to buy them.
  10. Ok but how can i found which plant has bigger yield then??:p
  11. practice? buy a couple beans of each. see which ones you like and clone the shit out of em. sounds like ur first time so im gonna say dont even worry too much about yield cuz ur still new. later down the road when you hone in your skills then worry about monster harvests.

    indoor has the advantage of perpetual harvests as well so who the fuck cares about a monster harvest when ur choppin another plant down in 2-3 weeks anyway?
  12. I had 3 lowryders twice but now i want a bigger plant and i dont know what t choose...(1m x 0.8m place ) i think to put 2 ice cream one aeroponic and one soil :cool:
  13. forgot to say *first time aeroponic

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