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  1. ok, im currently living with my parents, and im trying to decide what i want to do. do i keep on buying from people - sometimes getting great stuff, sometimes getting average stuff, and sometimes just getting ripped off. or do i start to grow....but this is where i need your help! there is no way in hell i'll be able to grow indoors living w/ my parents, so i guess outdoors it is...but its getting cold...fall is here. so i just need some good tips from some experienced growers...and mabey some help from people in previous situations like mine, and how you resolved the problems!

    thanx a lot fellow bud-lovers!
  2. well firstly you have plenty of time to get organised, you cannot plant outdoors until the end of spring.
    1. Get a secure site.
    2. Buy seeds from a reputable seed bank.
    3. Do not tell anyone!
    Let me know your e-mail address and i will send a very useful growing guide ok.
    good luck.
  3. my email address is:

    thanx for the help, i look forward to hearing from you? what is your email so i know not to delete it as 'spam mail'
  4. yes you must find a secure place, a good place to hide plants would be in a corn feild. Dont tell even your friends cuz you may end up getting in a fight and they go tell oher people or ruin you crop trust me i know
  5. aight thanks for the help so far just trying to get as much info as possible, but i got plenty of time..gotta wait til next spring...oh well. i think i know where im going to do it, its a spot fairly deep in the woods next to a creek. but what do i do about watering and everything...there is a lot of vegetation around it, so will it just grow on its own or what? and how deep do i plant the seeds?
  6. Plant seeds about 1 cm into thre ground. have sent you a guide for the rest ok.
    good luck
  7. mcurry,

    My email address is Please email that guide to me as well if you would. Thanks!!

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