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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kingj55420, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. 20170810_174957.jpg About a month 2 weeks in, just don't know if it's growing right. It's autoflower, it's an indoor grown strain but it looks like it's an outdoor that also my fault lights are up too high. Just need tips and feedback didn't have any where else too go. 20170810_174957.jpg 20170807_143703.jpg 20170809_162834.jpg 20170807_143703.jpg 20170809_162834.jpg
  2. I've never uploaded here so you gotta give me that credit I know it's a lot of pictures, didn't mean too. But I just need like some point of view on this somebody's gotta know
  3. Well King, being an auto there isn't really much you can do at this point to increase her size as she's started crowning already. Get as much light on her as possible and follow a bloom nute schedule to maximise yield off her small size. Hopefully you can still get some fat, dense buds.

    Also, there is a dedicated thread to assisting auto growers. You may have more luck if you drop a post there

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  4. Thanks a ton for your input man which thread is it if you know, And does it look pretty healthy though on some parts. I know the burn in the leaf is nasty looking I had a shitty setup when it happened.
  5. Need help with autos? Welcome

    Happy to help where I can. Looks pretty good to me dude. No signs (that I can see) of nute burn and if that bottom leaf burn was from a light, it's basically impossible to fix. All the newer growth after that particular node looks healthy. If I had to guess, with the little knowledge I have of your grow, I'd say that your biggest issue and cause of her being stunted was a lack of lighting and being overly stressed. Autos hate being out of their comfort zone and punish you for it.

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  6. That's not tin foil is it?
  7. Also, if you didn't, for next time just know that it's recommended to start in your final pot and not do any transplanting

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  8. What light you useing?
  9. 150 w led bulb and 60w cfl this is how you can say a poor man's grow. I need too repot I know that Its in a 3 gallon and I fucked up from the first start. Should i just put it outside
  10. Yeah I guess you can say she's stressed a bit I gotta figure this out it's gonna bug the he'll out of me lol
  11. Repotting now will only do more damage than good I believe. Keep the lights on her and use this as a learning experience. Photo's are alot more manageable and forgiving so you may wanna consider that for the next one

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  12. What yield do you think I'll get if I keep it going for a bit
  13. I'd have a guess at about 15 - 20g

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  14. Sorry for asking so many questions man, I'm bugging this one guy on an auto thread too lol. So that pot isn't even all the way filled it looks like crap ik. But how much longe4 do you think it would last I have half the pot of that 3L filled so I'm just a bit stuck
  15. Lol, no worries man. If you can, like an hour after feeding, the medium should come out pretty easily and stay intact. I would try taking it out as gently and smoothly as possible and then cram some more in the bottom of the pot before replacing it. It'll give the roots more space and is probably a better alternative to just topping up on the top.

    FYI, you've got weeks if not months to go before harvesting

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  16. Confirm on an auto thread before doing that though and do some research into how to transplant with as minimal stress as possible and that should give you a better indication of what to do

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  17. Oh yeah I know harvest isn't gonna be for a while and some change I wanna try too at least try too keep her going. What's the medium the big hump in the soil right under the plant? And should I keep it going on the 150 w or should i give it a shot outside?
  18. The medium meaning what she's growing in. Soil, coco, perlite etc.

    Everything I've seen points towards a minimum of 100w per plant so I don't foresee any issues with keeping her going with those lights all the way till harvest. Indoors has less chance of bugs and shit as well.

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  19. Can you also send pics of your light setup? And is the 150w led true 150w or equivalent?

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  20. It's a 150 equivalent and I already tp do You wanna see pics? And I'll take pic of light too

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