Help!! Tips of leaves browning/yellowing.

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  1. What could be the problem? Is it a deficiency or something? The plant is about 4 weeks old. I noticed the browning about a week ago, but couldn't find out the problem.

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  2. clay pots are not good for weed

    they suck water outta the soil

    leaving the soil TOXIC with the nutes in the soil and whatever you add

    new bigger plastic pots and soil with 25% perlite to aid drainage is what I'd do

    good luck
  3. Thanks for the info bro I'll change the pots asap
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  4. Consider Fabric pots..They are par excellence..instead of roots swirling around the bottom (rootbound)..the roots air prune themselves..It is also almost impossible to over water when using them..JMHO
  5. Thanks man, will do. Appreciate the help
  6. UPDATE! I transplanted to plastic pots. I also find out there were mites in the bottom of they clay pots so when I transplanted I used some SEVIN. I'll update on the plants health asap lol
  7. I'd figure out your PH cause that's a common reason for the leaves to yellow/brown. Now for the mites I'd recommend mint. Good luck and happy growing!

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