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Help threw my roach into neighbours yard

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dank., Aug 9, 2011.

  1. ok well i finished my joint right,
    and for some reason I have a fixation with throwing things over fences, so i tried to throw it over the fence, the roach could ahve made it over the fence or not because the throw was light...

    it was also pitch black outside so no way knowing if it made it over,
    over the fence is the side of their house with some stone pathway,

    u think im fucked?

    u think they will notice? fuckk what do i do...:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  2. You're dead.
  3. bear your right of denial
  4. They will wake up in the morning, inspect their lawn at the crack of dawn (much like they do everyday) and they will come across your roach...And you will be fucked, because these people can "see" things, man, "see" things!:cool:
  5. How the fuck would they know it was you.

    Come on man some common sense would be nice here.
  6. but how would they connect it to you?

    and just throw it in the trash next time lol
  7. I am your neighbors. You're fucking fucked bro.
  8. go over there in the morning and be like "I accidently hit my ball over your fence...can I go get it?"

  9. Dude a little roach is gonna fuckin.. just sit in the grass nobodys gonna find it.
  10. Save those roaches man... make a generation joint or save up a jar of them and give it to the homeless like TokinGLX.
  11. They will take siliva samples off the roach and match it to your DNA not to mention a piss test for THC........BUSTED!!!!
  12. its a stone pathway,

    wand also its a CM roach not a big juicy one,
    i smoek every day
  13. Dude.. Pussy.
  14. Just relax and never think about it again. Problem solved.
  15. its what i want to do but im so paranoid from the good weed that im gonna do a good sweeping with a broom over the fence late tonight to clear the roach if it IS there jusst in case,


  16. You're gonna wake the neighbours up and get fucked worse. :eek:

    Deal with that in your paranoid state! :D
  17. You'll be looking at a felony and 10 years in prison at least. Sorry bro.
  18. Was it dank? If it was some schwag, youre DEFINITELY fucked. If you're throwin weed at someone, its gotta be good.
  19. It is like Pineapple Express all over again... except you didn't witness a murder and no one is after you. Chill dude haha it is a roach.

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