Help this guy out...

Discussion in 'General' started by harryf, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Hey, this guy made a bet with a chick that if he gets 25 million hits on this site she'll have sex with him and post pictures of herself topless. I dunno, I feel for him, thought the city good give him some support.
  2. Well, the internet DOES need more porn....
  3. i clicked it. we better get to see these boobs!:p
  4. yea i want to see some boobs, the girl looks pretty good 2
  5. I clicked it and checked it out.

    Pictures look to professional and so does the typing.

    I think its the start of a porn website. And doing this to see if they can get that many hits and if they do they launch the beggining of the porn site or something like that.
  6. why cant the fuck get laid the regular way.
  7. When i clicked it there were no pics and it said she got in a car crash. that sucks, hope shes ok
  8. This thing is so fake. Its deff setup/made-up because its like a fucking soap opera.
  9. Yeah, i definatley agree with you on this one.

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