Help This Granny Pick A Vape Please :)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by MAINE420207, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Hi gang, need your expertise on picking a VAPE. Can't afford a Volcano. I am a toker, l like my meds, so I'm thinking a portable VAPE is not for me???
    Thanks for your input!
    I not only like my meds, I require them! The only vaporizer I use is an  arizer solo. It's a portable and it does a great job, nice clouds, good flavor and real easy on herb. I use it about half the time thru water which is really nice also, very smooth. Tell your requirements and expectations for a vape and someone can probably help you.Good Luck  
  3. I do use a glass spoon now, I smoke about every hour. From what I understand I will use less MMJ-
    True? Id like to spend about $200 or under.
  4. True. You get more mileage for your cannabis, and you can also use your vaporized bud to make edibles and whatnot.
  5. If you can find a legit portable vaporizer that also vapes dry herb, I would recommend that. This will drastically conserve your quantity and spending on meds
  6. I recommend any 7thfloor product.  I own the SSV and DBV and love them both dearly.   I only use my SSV now though.
    Also I've heard good things about the vapor bros.  It's more expensive than the DBV, but less than the SSV.  Might be a good compromise inbetween the two.  The heating element in the vapor bros is a lot better too.  It's in a honeycomb-perc style so the heat can reach all of your material.  
  7. Thanks for your input, kids!
  8. For a good portable vape at that price range i really recommend the pax. I love mine, and its super cool looking too!  :laughing:
  9. No idea if I'm too late and you have already came to a decision, but I would recommend a log vaporizer as they conserve great and help make that stash last.

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