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help! this bud i picked up...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ali20, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. it turned into ash pretty quickly after i hit it in my bowl and it taste awful tasted like ash and im not even high.

    what should i do, ive failed with brownies/firecrackers so none of that, any other ways i can get high.

    heres some pics, what u guys think looks like kush?



  2. Send it here if it tastes awful.
  3. it looks fine to me. if you really dont wanna smoke it though make iso with it. or if you want a higher quality run some bho.
  4. Looks like normal weed man, dank even. You sure you aren't fucking something up?
  5. yeah looks fine, but do u guys know why it turns into ash almost instantly when i light the bowl, and why it tastes like ash?
  6. Because you are torching the fuck out of it and it is a plant? It tastes like ash because it is burnt plant matter. You are probably heating it too much.
  7. Fire tends to burn things. :cool:
  8. no lol i light every bowl like this and my previous buds have gotten me high and tasted like bud, this doesn't.

    lighting is really not the problem, the smoke is just disgusting and it should have gotten me high right?
  9. Looks dank. Don't light it so long? A lot of times its going to stay burning with minimal lighting.
  10. Looks like dank to me, it could be that you are packing your bowls too tight. The tighter the bowlpack the harsher the weed is going to hit. Or like OriginUnkown said above you could be torching the fuck out of it and smoking the fresher weed below through the ash above.
  11. idk it looks perfectly fine.
    maybe try throwing an orange peel or a piece if letuce in there if you think its dry or something
  12. You sound high to me.
  13. LOL believe me im not, has your guys dank bud ever tasted like shit?
  14. That looks pretty good. Is the bud like really crisp? It's probably dry man throw fruit peels in your stash for a couple to add moisture works every time for me
  15. naa its actually not even dry, i prefer dry bud because i like my bud to break down easy, but this isn't dry.

  16. Yes, actually, some of the dankest buds I've ever smoked tasted like shit.
  17. Is it like wet? Juicy?
  18. Looks can be decieving. It could look good and taste like shwag. If you dont like to to taste it, only option is to make some oil/wax or an edibile.
  19. looks normal... maybe its not flushed right so thats why it tastes fucked up
  20. maybe its grit weed.

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