Help, they are turning off the power for 9 hours, no ventilation possible, oh boy..

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  1. So the power has to go down for 9 hours so they can fix some crap nearby. This starts in an hour for me. Lights go off in like 5 minutes, but ventilation is needed during dark time, and so are my 2 should I do:confused:

    Temperature and humidity will definitely rise very high, like they did the last time the power was out.

    I am on day 6 of week 8, and they are very close to finished. My 32 veggers will miss the first 4 hours of their 18 hour light time, but I think they'll be okay. Although they will also get super hot and humid in their small closet.

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether, PM, bud rot, or other mold can develop during a 9 hour time period? Am I really going to have to go rent a generator for this bullshit?

    Last time I had to use a piece of cardboard as a hand powered fan, leave the grow room door open, and just viciously fan the humid air out, which doesn't do much let me tell you. And I didn't have a veg closet in there at the time either. If anyone has any non electrical ideas for removing heat and humidity from a room please let me know.
  2. Can't do much about the heat, but you can go to Lowes and get a big bag of road salts, which if you hang them up with cloth will pull the moisture out of the room. You may be overreacting, the heat in the dark shouldn't be a huge issue. This is kind of on the limit of what I'd consider a serious problem. Good luck man, that's a toughie.

  3. I feel ya, that's why I asking for input, I don't think it will necessarily be a huge problem, but it would be crippling to my whole dealy if it was, I have a lot riding on this harvest. I'm more worried about high heat because it invites high humidity. Thank you much for reminding me there are things that absorb moisture. Do you think cat litter crystals would work? I have a bunch of those from my cat's automatic litter tray.
  4. Okay so, the power just came back, only an hour after they said it would. It went out like 40 minutes past the time scheduled. Lights come on in 45 minutes. It was 69F and 79%RH in there, now it's rapidly dropping, humidity is at 66%RH and will settle at 40%RH in a while after the 2 dehumidifiers get rolling.

    Thank you for your concern and input. I hope this experience will help shed some light on a problem we all could face but probably haven't prepared for. What if it went down for 3 or 4 days without warning? I think it's time to buy a small-to medium generator, some battery powered fans, and a huge bag of moisture control crystals.

    Please add any other ideas about making a Power Outage Grow Survival Kit.
  5. Uninterrupted Power Supply like they use for pc's and deep cycle car/boat batteries

    benefit of the UPS is if the power goes out while you're out or asleep its automatically taken care of, while supplemental power like batteries you'd need to wire up something to connect to them and then go through the process as needed

    if doing something like this consider getting a separate ups for fans/air pump(if hydro) and lights so even if your high wattage lights burn through the power supply you atleast have air circulating and oxygen for your roots(in hydro setups) for a prolonged amount of time
  6. That happened to me some years ago. The electricity went out for 3 days a week before harvest. I went out and bought several battery-powered fans and kept the room dark until the lights came back on, then harvested as usual.

  7. Sorry endogarden, but I have to inform you that you have nothing to worry about.

    I struggle with humidity problems when my temps hit 85 degrees. The temperature you're dealing with means that it's too cold for significant moisture or mold buildup, unless the grow is in a dark and cold basement.

    I'd much rather skip a day of light than interrupting night on my females.
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    I wish that was so, but upon checking the high low temp of the veg closet, it went to 86.5F and 85%RH, probably for most of the 9 and a half hours the power was out.

    I didn't think about the closet being stuffy and since there was no circulation....fuck. The top layer of coco in the 5 inch square pots have a white mildew/mold coating some of them.

    I shop vac'd the top layer off, and I am thinking of making a few gallons of 29% h202 + water and wetting the tops of the 32 pots at 5ml per gal. Think this will suffice? Fuckin bullshit I tell ya.

  9. It worked, h202 killed most of the mildew, then I transplanted and everything was okay.

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