*HELP* The Seeds I am wanting to order for my first michigan grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by calp, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Alright below are the seeds I am wanting to do for my first outdoor michigan grow... I've gardened in the past and have done a LOT of research as well as have this forum for backup support :hello: Thanks guys!

    Here are the seeds
    I am wanting to get one of each

    2 sativa's
    Paradise seeds White Berry Feminized

    Seedsman Seeds White Widow Feminized - This one is supposed to be VERY easy to grow so It's a must

    Barneys Farm G13 Haze Feminized

    2 Indica's
    G13 Labs Northern Lights X Skunk Feminized - This ones a primary indica I believe.

    Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Feminized

    Anyone grown with these strains outdoors before? If so how did they turn out? Good for a beginner?

    For my first time should I grow one of each of these? I'm thinkin maybe choose 3 of the 5 seeds and grow three quality plants.

    Any last tips before I order?

    I'm going to be using the gaurunteed shipping method

    Thanks GC!
  2. Can someone give me a little advise? :)

    I know there are so GOOD outdoor growers out here who have probably even grown these strains before!
  3. BUMP!
    Any comments? Common blades your ussually so good about this :)
  4. It's been two days... Any comments? Ussually you blades are on top of this!
  5. I never grew those sorry. WW, NL are good and early ones. The haze too but late flowering. Good luck!
  6. Thank you for the reply finally! hahaha

  7. hahaha. I was watching your thread go down down down. Haha! Good luck with your grow :smoke:
  8. That's pretty lame that they give you some free outdoor seeds that will finish in november...

    We have our first frosts here in MI WAY before that........

    Guess I'm sellin' those
  9. yeah, those are ungrowable outdoors there without a greenhouse or something. Powerful stuff though.
  10. Also see Mandala Mandala 1, Sadhu.
    Also see Sannie Shop (breeder): Sannie Ierdbei is early and strong.
    Dr chronic's, Attitude, Seedboutique...
  11. Thanks Corto!

    Any other outdoor recomendations?

    Easy to grow and early flowerer's?

    I'm def getting NL and WW because of there ease of growth

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