Help the poor.

Discussion in 'General' started by bonghits42o, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Tommrow September of the 24th,

    I here ye announce everyone should give atleast ONE homeless person a gift of some kind. Whether it be 25 cents on the way to work or if its a sandwhich from Mcdonalds. I see people ignoring the poor today in our world, IE: (pulling up to the stoplight, locking their doors and pretending they dont see anyone standing by the window)

    Yes I realize that if you are at a stoplight past dark then by all means lock your doors. But in today's society we ignore every homeless person and automatically assume that they are a bad person.

    SO September 24th everyone say hello to a homeless person and acknowledge their presence.

    Try to give a gift of some sort. Nothing that is going to break the bank though.
    If you cant do this then just speak with them, who knows maybe they have some really interesting stories?

    Anyways, Rock on.
  2. I can't say I will even see a homeless person tomorrow, but last weekend I helped give about 50 of them lunch :)
  3. i have an old flashlight i never use can i put this there
  4. Homeless people are kinda hard to find in my city. The last time I crossed paths with one he came up to the car we were in and asked me for weed, but I didn't have any. I'm not gonna walk downtown just to find a homeless person, but kudos to those who do.
  5. A good idea sir. If I got the scratch I always help out homeless people. Shit even if they spend it on booze so what. Their lives suck and that's what I'd spend it on anyways.
  6. The last few times I ran into homeless/poor people were outside of various McDonalds in my city. All asked me for money. All but one of them declined when I offered to buy them a couple burgers.

    They get nothing from me.
  7. it's my brothers birthday tomorrow.
  8. Is he homeless?
  9. Gave a homeless person a grass joint. was stoned as hell and felt nice :). was funny as hell when I turned round and he was toking the fuck out of it haha So i went to a chipshop and got him some chips.

    felt really nice :).
  10. they should help us, they are the rich.


  11. I love that picture. :)
  12. Here's the thing, why cant they be out trying to make their lives better instead of begging for change? I know it's probably really hard but to me begging for money is not the way to go about it. I agree with just having a conversation with one though that would be nice since they are often ignored.

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