Help the poor stem!

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  1. First time grower and one of the branches has almost snapped off and its holding on by its last threads! I have it sitting on the lower branch to support it, how do I fix this? If I leave it in the same position will it manage to just get stronger? I will post pic

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  2. You might as well go ahead and cut that branch off. It doesn't look to me like it's attached enough to live. I may be wrong about that. If you want to try to save it, duct tape it back to the stalk. It might attach back up and live. But if you start to see it dying off...cut it off. Can't tell if you're in flower or veg. If you're in veg, no big deal. It will put out again. If you're already in flower mode, it's just a loss. Post pics taken under natural light next time. Just a general FYI for the forum. HPS and LED don't let you see anything about the coloration of the plant and that's how to figure out what's up with issues most of the time. Cutting the limb will not affect the rest of your plant to any great degree. If you're losing buds, sorry. We put small tomato cages on ours when they go into flower. I don't crowd the tops up inside the cage, just use it to take to. We take jute twine and go under the heavy buds for support and tie to the cage. If you don't support the buds....and you've got enough light to really get them to produce, the buds will get so heavy with resin that they'll just break off later on in flower. Just a thought. Happy growing! TWW
  3. get it as tight as you can against the plant and put duct tape around it it might heal it's self.
  4. clone it
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  6. Next time duct tape it immediately.

    Duct tape should be a part of every cannabis gardeners tool kit.

  7. She only in veg so I'm not losing any buds thankfully! Do u think I though just cut it off then if it is going too re grow?

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