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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JamaicanBakin, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. I got lots of seeds from random people i know.and ive planted about 6 of dem suckers and 3 have really taken off. But with this bein my first time growing i didnt want to go all out with equipment and waste...just in case i sucked at it. But anyways i got three plants about 5 inches tall, but it looks like there gettin kinda weak in the stem. i had to support them with tooth picks. Im using a light that is supposed to emitt lots of uv rays.. which im considering to be part of the problem ....Is it or not?.. Does Home depot sell anything worth while. Plz reaspond asap........
  2. Sounds like your plants are putting all their energy in trying to reach more light. Your light could be fine, but it could be to far away.
  3. Are you using a fan? This will help to build up the strength of the stem. You said they were 5 inches tall - how long have you been growing? As mulli_melli they could be stretching for light - do you know what type of light you've got?
  4. i was usin this uv light i found layin around the house. and i did have a fan on them.. plants are about 2 1/2 weeks old.. but i think im about to abondon that little experiment and start off fresh with the rright materials. By the way if i were to go to home depot what light should i buy to support 2 plants. I really dont want to go on the internet. and since its my first time i really want to go with some cheap lights.. plz help what wattage and things should i bee lookin for???
  5. I believe, ideally, you want about 50 watts of HID light per square foot. I think fluros are the cheapest lights to buy but if you've a little extra to spend I'd recommend an HPS.
  6. Yep..that light is kickin your plants butt,,,,

    If it is still healthy,,bury the stem deeper in the medium,,then place it directly under a flourescent fixture,about 1-2 inches from will stop growing up as much,and will begin to develop chutes at nodes...don't overwater...

    If home Depot is your ticket,,,then get the highest wattage HPS Security light(s) they have,,,if you get lucky,,your store may have the 250w HPS Security lights,,if so,,great,,that can do a couple in a 2'x3'...if not,,,a couple of the 100watt Security lights can do...then if you need help with setup...just post,and ask...

  7. ok im pretty sure i can get those 100-250 watt security bulbs so with that in mind im very thankful for that information ndicabud.... bout how many of those do i need to( if i can) comfortably grow 2 females in a closet space that is 5 1/2" tall, around 1" in depth and is 4 3/4" in width. If it helps any i can squeeze a few inches here and there and get the height to about 2 more feet... also im not too sure what you mean by hps. is it a characteristic that i should be looking for in all my bulbs and fixtures.... Home depot also sold the special plant bulbs that were around 165-200 watts but they werent flourecent, and ive been told that flourencent is better......what you think i should doo?????

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