help! tacoing curling dark leaves

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  1. I have been growing indoor solely, using heat lamps using "natural daylight" LED flood bulbs.
    humdity is usually between 40%- 60% temp us kept around 80-88°F
    i am doing a soil grow i started in Kellogg's organic potting soil and transfer to 5 gallon bucket in fox farm ocean forest, i just fed them flornova bloom last week for the first time.
    the ph on the taller plant (blue dream) is 6.5 and have yet to do a soil test on the shorter ( private reserve) plant.
    I am a first time grower here in Southern California. Any advice will help

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  2. You need lighting.

  3. higher lumens or are the bulbs not good for growing?
  4. The bulbs are excellent if they were capable of growing the plant as it is but you need more of them from now on because the plant became bigger

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  5. A plants nutrient uptake and feed rate is directly related to how much light you give it. Most bottle feed charts are based on sunlight or 1000 watt hps light since those are the most common commercial grow methods. If you use way less light then that you have to adjust your feed rate accordingly. A plant growing on a 400 watt hps is going to feed at a much slower rate probably only about 60% as much as the plant with more light.

    Your color is starting to get dark but it's nothing to worry about yet. The dark color is caused by too much nitrogen. The downward curl on the tips is the start of nitrogen toxicity. If you continue to feed it too much nitrogen it may go fully toxic on you. Back off on whatever the nitrogen heavy component of your feed is by an ml or 2 a gallon.

    I veg with floranova bloom. It's one of the best all in one bottled nutrients for cannabis. Most people don't realize that it's good for veg. Cannabis is a phosphorus loving plant. I tried vegging with floranova grow and I got phosphorus deficiency. Floranova bloom is 4-8-7. Actually a good NPK balance for cannabis start to finish. I've grow plants start to finish with just that bottle. I wouldn't even bother with the other feed bottles. They would just complicate things and make balancing the npk harder.

    The FN bloom is also highly concentrated and strong. I'm budding with almost 800 watts of high quality led. I only feed my large budding plants about 4-6ml's a gallon of FN bloom for the base NPK. I use about 3-4ml's a gallon for vegging plants. 1-2ml's a gallon for seedlings and small plants.

    Since you're growing in soil you're going to want to wait until the plant has exhausted the built in nutrients before you add more from the bottles. Wait until you see some spotting from deficiency or light color then start slowly adding the FN bloom a little at a time. Watch for that dark green color. If you see it getting too dark back off by an ML.

    If you're going to make a hobby of this growing thing you're going to need some real equipment. Those bulbs you got are not really up to the task. Get a real grow light fixture.

    I hear good things about these panels and the price is right. By the time you buy several higher quality screw in led bulbs you could have bought a cheaper led panel. The bud that these panels grow is 10x better then what you'll end up with using bulbs.
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  6. thanks for the awesome advice
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