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HELP. Super tired when high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Canada Smokes, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Alright so every time I smoke up, no matter what strain it is (I've tried many) inevitably I am always tired and want to sleep. So I end up taking naps. Any advice? I really don't feel like sleeping...

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  2. same problem man.

    I find that when i'm at home chilling in my room while my parents are asleep (most unrisky time for me) and i light up, i get a really dry mouth and tired as fuark, but when i'm out and about chilling with mates and stuff i don't get tired or a dry mouth. Maybe it's the same for you?

    Just try and be doing stuff other than just sitting in bed staring at the wall (always fall asleep when i do that lol)

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  3. er if sativas are'nt working for you, i would try drink coffee+toking.
  4. Cold water.

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    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
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  5. As weird as this sounds do you get enough sleep at night? Because if you aren't sleeping much a few hits would put you asleep.

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  6. Same with me, when I'm out walking about with mates I feel awake but high, then when I'm on my own I just feel tired, play a few games on the PS them watch a movie and crash hard

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  7. Buy an addie. Lol
  8. I'd recommend trying to increase your water intake and do some research on how to get a very good night's sleep. 

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