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HELP: Super anxious about drug test...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by adcart98, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Okay, so yesterday (20th) I took a urine drug test for pre-employment purposes and I am so damn paranoid if I passed or not. Here is my past marijuana usage:

    June 11-24: Everyday smoker of very potent weed (staying with family in OR)

    June 24 was my last puff until July 5, which I toked with a friend, about 3-4 hits of some nice weed. Probably less potent than the Oregon bud, but still got baked.

    July 18, I find some 3-4 month old dust (from previously stored weed) (probably older). Bud was mid grade, very dry when I first got it, and stored in a bottle in a dark place for a while. I emptied it out and it was very little. Like, spread out evenly flat it covered about a square half inch. Keep in mind, mid-grade, 4 months old, VERY little.
    I smoked it, got a little buzzed for like 20 minutes.

    July 19, job interview, lady mentions I have to take a drug test. From about 12 pm to the next morning, I drink about 5-6 liters of water, pissing like every 10-15 minutes colorless urine. I do believe I drank green tea the day after I smoked it, right before the interview. I also excercise regularly, sometimes twice a day and eat a strict low-carb diet. My metabolism, if in ketosis, should be moderately high. I am overweight and 18 years old.

    July 20, day of the test, I drink tons of water and the piss used in the test was almost colorless, slight yellow tinge. Collector says "thanks, have a good day", says nothing about the color.

    It's being sent to a lab for testing as of now.

    Should I be clean?
  2. The cake is baked so relax.
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