Help, sugar leaves turning brown

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    i tried to look at other threads but none match mine, and i also can't really tell if its a deficieny or toxicity by the chart.
    some other fan leaves are experiencing this too. sorry for my shitty camera, the colors are way off than in person, but you can sorta make out the brown.
    mods please delete the other thread, i accidentally made two somehow.


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  2. anyone?
  3. Theirs no pics zach
  4. the pics are showing up on my computer... i dont know why its not showing
  5. Cant see any mate

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  6. Im no expert it xould but it could be nute burn
  7. can you see the pics now?
  8. someone plz help me out
  9. It looks like to much nutrients. You could try to clean the root by flushing lots of water on each planter, at least double of the capacity, until you get rid of all nuts in the soil. You should also do this between vegetative and flowering if changing nuts, and a week before harvest to avoid having nutrient flavor buds.
  10. they look fine almost done maybe just give em a little trim and remove the brown spots .maybe flush em out amd just chop em down and sm
  11. Not almost done to me. Reaching a bit no? Look early to me
  12. reaching a bit what?
  13. what looks fine and almost done? I don't even see any bud formation; just a few calyxes.

    OP, get some more plants going. These aren't going anywhere fast.

  14. sorry
    the pics were just really up close so that you could see the leaves that i was pointing out. Some are also slanted sideways and some were popcorn buds with the same burned sugar leaves. here are some better pics

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  15. well, that's certainly better than the original pictures - good luck.

  16. i wasn't really trying to defend my crop, i was just wondering if you had any insight as to what that could possibly be that is causing the burned fan leave and sugar leave tips... do you have any tips?
  17. All i was really saying is the almost done post was very generous. They dont look done imho
  18. Just a tiny heavy on nitrogen during flower. Start backing off any veg nutes your running, only feed P and K or nothing.

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