Help! stunned seedlings?! adivce plzz

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  1. 17 day old from sprouting. It doesnt seem like theres been any growth in the past few days+, ive only watered twice since the begging, its still a tiny bit moist a couple inches down in the soil. im using a 400w mh light about 2 1/2 feet above them, temp is 72-80, water has been 6.6-7ph, Its Eaither a Brazilian Amazonia or a Crazy miss hyde genetics. Any advice would be great and much appreciated.

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  2. You should move your light down. 2 1/2 feet is kind of a lot...the max distance you want is 18 inches.

    Don't move it down all at once though. Move it down gradually over a couple days. Also - what kind of soil are you using? Seedlings can be stunted if the soil is too compacted. Sounds like you're doing everything else right though..
  3. I wouldn't move the light down. seedlings would sprout in a room w/ a 100 bulb on 24/7. Id wait it out a few more days. Plant looks healthy to me. Now once its bigger more established is when you move the light closer. Now if you were using t5's you could have the light right on top of them. Good luck!
    Also if soil is damp/moist underneath you can wait day or more to water.

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