Help Stretching Can This Pineapple Express Be Topped?

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  1. So this is my pineapple express, g13 labs femenized, she is a few weeks old now and i am planning on transplaniing outdoors within the next week or so(30gal). She is just stretching so much. I tried a little lst but overall i do not want to continue with it i would rather top. Is it too early? Can i do it now? What about fimming it? Any help on how i can control the stretch of this plant would greatly be appriciated!

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  2. Id also like to mention this plant was a runt.. Was only a few inches for the longest time showing no signs of growth, then all of the sudden she just started stretching like my fantistic hah.
  3. Add more light.  Stretching at such a young age is usually the plant straining up to get closer to the insufficient light source.  If you're using CFLs, you can add more and get them within a couple inches.
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    I grew a PE from G13 last round, had a lot of internodal space on mine too. 250w hps
    edit: I didn't top mine, scrogged it.
  5. "Not Sure" -
    How did your pineapple express turn out? Yield, smell, taste? Any advice for this particular strain?

    Does this plant look old enough to be topped guys?
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    It's some great smoke, very fruity and sweet. Smelled like candy. Yield wasn't great (because of the stretching) but the potency made up for it. As for advice, it didn't give me any problems. I'd grow it again, maybe a larger pot would help the yield.
    edit: I'd wait for more nodes before topping, get a lot of branching going on.
  7. I have read that there is no benefit to topping an auto. up to you though :) 
  8. This is not an auto it is a photo, g13 labs pineaplle express
  9. Maybe consider flm or tie her down and move lights closer.
  10. if ur useing cfl's keep them a inch away..& top now
  11. Yes CFLs need to be close inch or to is good as long as the plant don't touch the bulb then it wont burn.
  12. Agreed. Lights are to far away. Never seen one stretch like that. Almost looks like a vine.
  13. Thanks for the help guys. I actually just put it outside and within a few days the stem really toughened up, plant stands straight now, leaves are getting huge, stretching has stopped, it was a light issue!
    I plan to put it outside in the ground tonight hoping you guys can help with my mix.
    Just bought:
    2cf promix compressed bale going to use it all (30gal)
    Earthworm castings, 4 lb bag, thinking of using it all?
    8qt perlite, going to use the whole bag
    Garden lime...ive read 1cup per cf should i follow this?
    Alfalfa meal....2 cups
    Neem cake.....not sure how much to use..any advice?

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