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Help! Stoned Studies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SouthernBoii, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. me and my cousin want to run some tests on me "high vs not high" meaning test me when im not high then do the same tests, or same variation of that test, while im high

    the question is we want to know what are some good tests to perform?

    we've got hand cordination; memory, video game play

  2. Just make sure you rate it on preformance, like your scores on the game

    and how much fun it was.
  3. If you do a written test, make sure you don't use the same test twice. Because high or not, a written test would always be easier the second time.
  4. Lets try and get our spelling down first while sober :D JK.
    I've done this before, heres one memory test:

    -Create 4 seperate 4-digit random number strings and assign an animal to each one.
    -Let the subject study 1 number string for 20-30 seconds and then the animal after it for 5 seconds. Repeat for all of the strings. When you're done call out/show him the animal and have him recite the number string that goes with it. *There is no going back to look at previous strings or animals, one viewing per.*

    As for coordination, I'd give him a standard police sobriety test. Look it up on youtube to see what they do.

    Video game play: 1 sports(madden, skate 2), 1 fps (MW2), 1 puzzle(optional, these are boring as hell high or not).
  5. logical reasoning, do an SAT type test, get an sat/act book from the bookstore and do one of the practice tests sober and one high, the books are made to have identical test difficulties, so it should also provide very accurate results. I did a practice test high and not high, when sober I scored higher in critical reading, while when high, I scored higher in math (which subtracted from my reading score).

    Happy Toking!

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